Thursday, March 13, 2008

With strength and dignity

The beauty of the blogs is that you are able to peak into peoples lives. They allow you a small window to view what is facing them and sometimes I can relate, sometimes I cant. I have stumbled upon blogs of other military wives, other mommies, other 20 somethings, almost all entertain me. I read some blogs of military widows and I am touched by their stories and pain. I know what its like to send my love to war, I couldn't imagine what its like to never see him come home. How to move on with life when you dont have your love next to you, the person you thought you were to grow old with.

But the blog that has moved me to my core is written by someone who has not one thing to do with the military. She is a mother. Her baby boy Joshua was born with a neural tube defect, it is inoperable and while he is a true miracle in how long he has lived, he is not doing well. She writes with amazing strength and dignity, not with anger. I don't know how she does it.

Tonight I hugged my babies tighter, I lingered in the doorway as I watched them sleep a bit longer then usual, and I prayed for Joshua and his family as I hope all you will. Please keep this family in your thoughts and prayers.


  1. nice post, i will check out Joshua

  2. Oh my gosh. This is so sad.I will keep this family in my prayers.

  3. I've been following his story for awhile now, and I'm with you - tonight, I held my baby a little tighter, so grateful that he is laughing and grabbing things and growing healthy. Joshua reminds me what a precious gift good health is. I so wish there had been a way to help him!

  4. awh leanne, my heart goes out. saying a prayer for that little guy tonight. and i was so touched by how you lingered longer to watch over your little dashes.

    blessings, kathleen


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