Friday, March 7, 2008

I'm on a roll...

Despite having a nasty cold and two little ones with nasty colds and pink eye I have gotten a lot done around here. Dinner is cooking in the slow cooker. I've already vacuumed the upstairs and the down stairs and scrubbed the vacuum out. Yes, apparently you are supposed to clean it every once in a while. We've had it for three years. I never said I was June Cleaver.

I also have gotten three loads of laundry done, how this is I don't know. I did six loads on Tuesday. Flyboy must wear four shirts a day just to spite our washer. Anyways the point of this ramble.... I washed a load of flight suits. If you think checking the pockets in your jeans is a bitch when you do the wash DO YOU KNOW HOW MANY ZIPPERS AND POCKETS A FLIGHT SUIT HAS??

a lot. and I'll just leave it at that.

Oh I hope I didn't miss one....


  1. I don't even want to imagine... I'm already forgetful of checking my jean pockets lol.

    You're supposed to clean the vacume? -- ooohhh.... :)

  2. I didn't know you are supposed to clean out a vaccuum. Wow, the things you learn. I'm not quite June Clever either. I can't imagine all those pockets. I have a hard enough time with my son's pockets. Have a great weekend!! I hope you and your family start feeling better soon!!

  3. I washed the BF's ACU's last weekend. (He's an airman but was attached to an Army EOD unit in Iraq)

    Oh the pockets and zippers! And they just feel so heavy I kept thinking I MUST have missed something, no way these unforms are THIS heavy! Nope, I'm just weak.

    We've been on a cleaning streak this week too. Must be something in the air...

  4. Ack, reminds me of washing my hubby's ACUS. I never remember to turn the jackets inside out and by the time they roll out of the dryer, the entire load is velcroed together. Now that is good fun to take apart!

    I just cleaned out my vacuum yesterday too...there must be something in the air!

  5. Dude, if my husband is dumb enough to leave something in the pocket of his uniform, he either loses it or will have to buy a new uniform... or both. He generally forgets a list in there every once in a while, but I guarantee he hasn't forgotten a Navy-issue black ink pen in years. ;)

    I'm soooo far from June Cleaver. I'm not even sure I come close to a Roseanne Barr.

  6. I've washed pens, lighters, badges, money and even those USB port thingys. Stonewall knows better than to leave things in his pockets. I figure if I have to clean out my pockets then he can clean out his. If something gets washed that shouldn't its his fault. On the other side of things, I've learned how to remove ink from uniforms, how to make a plastic badge look new again, that those USB things are waterproof and when it comes to the money: finders keepers, baby.

  7. Yes! My husband is a pilot, too - and I'm painfully aware of how many pockets are on a flight suit.

    By the way, no matter how many times I check them, a pair of earplugs always end up at the bottom of the washer!!

  8. anchored away- I so very much agree with you that if he leaves it in there that its his fault. Its more for the protection of our very nice, very expensive washer and dryer we bought last year. I love those two machines and on top of that I'm cheap.

  9. nice..You did accomplish a lot. I get to go home and work on mine. Fun times.

  10. We've had our vaccuum for six years - and I just learned you are supposed to change the filters every six months. Oops. No wonder it pumps out as much dirt as it sucks in !

    Navy utilities aren't so bad in terms of pockets, but I naively assumed he always checked them... Several ruined loads of wash and a dryer with permanent ink stains later, I've learned to always look for the pens he often forgets to remove.

    His wallet is also a little worse for wear, but he's gotten good at remembering that one. I guess all the soggy cards and vanished boat phone numbers got him aggravated enough to be sure it's gone!

  11. You're supposed to clean vacuums??


  12. LOL the only vacuum I clean is the Roomba and that's only because it makes angry noises at me if I don't...

    And I make Greg empty his own pockets. There's just too many of them. If he doesn't, they don't get washed. This rule started when he gave me a pair of pants to wash with an important document in one pocket and a lighter in the other (the lighter I found when it started making a racket in the dryer).

  13. the better to survive with......

  14. lol, trying! I totally understand it. My dh left a $20 bill, a big list of to-do items, and several coins in his pockets, and our front-loading, new, spiffy, wonderful, amazing, I lurves it washing machine stopped working. The motor died and had to be replaced. When the repairman came out, *he* found the $20, and I almost let him keep it for giving me back the gift of laundry. Then I remembered I hate doing laundry and kept the $20 for myself.

    Mind you, this was in the middle of the horrible lead poisoning pukefest that went on for four months. So we needed that washer *desperately*. Yet still I persist. If I have to do laundry, I'm doing the bare necessities (but shhhh btwn you and me, I'll at least pat down the pockets of all our clothes just to be sure there's nothing egregious in there).

    Just call me Roseanne. ;)

  15. hi leanne,

    why, yes, i do know that flightsuits have tons of zippers! i loved wearing that uniform when i was in. it was the most comfortable thing i have ever worn for work :)

    hope you are starting to feel better, hun. get plenty of rest and fluids. see you in the emails. take care sweets, beany :)

  16. Aye - but the flight-suit just hangs to dry and needs no starch and should never be ironed. I miss that!


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