Monday, March 17, 2008

This is definately going to get me Mommy of the Year

Ever feel like when your sick, or the kids are sick its a catch 22? Do you go to the doctor's only to be dismissed, told that they are indeed sick, let it run its course, and hope they don't pick up ten new germs while in the hospital (or clinic). Or do you just wait it out at home and then it bites you in the ass and the doctor wonders why you didn't come in sooner. This basically was what happened to me with Dash-1.

I was raised in a home where you didn't go to the doctors unless there were copious amounts of blood, a bone sticking thru skin, or a very high fever that lasted a few days. I'm serious, my mother once took me to the doctor to find out I was getting over pneumonia. It's not negligence, its the tough it out policy my mother holds near and dear.

When Dash-1 started puking and other assorted fun things last week I figured nothing too out of the ordinary, little stomach bug, nasty but not the end of the world. It just wouldn't go away, he would rebound a little and then a few hours later be much worse. I was very much out of my league on this one. When he went to vomit and couldn't take his head out of the bowl I realized that something was very wrong. I took him up to the nearest military hospital to their ER to have him looked at. I figured they would do the usual drive by diagnosis, a little fluids and an hour or so later we would walk out. Not so. He needed fluids, lots of fluids. He was severely dehydrated, to the point where he was listless to least and couldn't even produce tears. Yes in case you are wondering I do feel like a crappy mom for letting this happen, but to my defense, nothing would stay down. If it passed his lips it came back up.

Anyways, the secondary problem seemed to be that his little body could regulate his blood sugars at that point. It was just put thru the ringer. Quite the flurry of activity around him when they figured that one out. Its just terrifying to see your little one laying there pasty white and out of it. They realized that they weren't going to rebounded him in a few hours and we had a lovely escort via ambulance to Walter Reed. That was quite the experience. Army medicine at its finest and thetas all I'll say about that one.

My little one is doing much better. He came home yesterday evening and is back to running around like a crazy person. He's lost quite a bit of weight and is still a little out of sorts but its just nice to have him healthy again. I will say that being there and seeing what others are facing, whether it be the 20 year old double amputee that was in front of me in the chow hall or the little boy in the room next door who had been there for weeks, makes me immensely grateful that while we've had some bumps in the road life is still very good.


  1. Well I am very glad that Dash 1 is doing better! I still think you do a pretty fantastic job at mommydom and thats only via blog post knowledge. :). I come from the same mom remedy as "tough it out" so I can't imagine I would've done anything different. If I learned anything from teaching it's that kids are pretty dang resiliant :).

  2. I hate trying to figure out if you should go to the dr or not about stuff. It's like playing a quiz show, only scarier. It's even worse when you have to make the decision alone, so don't beat yourself up too much! He's ok, you got him there in time, and all is well in the end.

  3. awh honey,
    so sorry this has been so rough and scary. so glad he is running around like a wild boy again.

    hugs dear,
    your little pen pal,

  4. My mother was the absolute queen of "toughing it out". One of her favorite sayings was "If you're not bleeding, then there is no need for tears. And if you are bleeding, crying isn't going to help".

    It's not the exact policy I plan on taking with my kids, but then again, I might feel differently once I actually have them, 10...15...25 years from now!

    Glad he's doing better!

  5. I am so glad your little guy is back home and feeling better. I imagine seeing him so sick was a little scary. My mother is the exact opposite of yours, we went to the doctor for everything! I hate trying to make that decision to go to the doc or not. The first time Mac had a cold it felt like it was never going to end. I took her to the doc and they basically told me to go home and wait it out. The second time she was sick I decided to tough it out, only she couldn't kick her little cough. We went to the doctor and he couldn't believe I waited so long, he gave her some meds and she was fine in a few days. Maybe I'll figure it out one of these days:)

  6. Glad that Dash-1 is doing better. It is so hard to tell sometimes--24 hour stomach bugs can be downright NASTY, and then you bring them in and the doctors just stare at you like you're an idiot. Or you wait to see if it's something more serious, and when it gets to the point where you can't stand it anymore, you bring them in and the doctor stares at you like you're an idiot for waiting as long as you did. Every parent wrestles with this.

    The important thing is that he's much better now.

  7. Oh hun! I am glad that he is feeling better now. We got lucky this last time. Even though it was round 2, because he had had it before, it cleared up in about 3 days. Plus patient first gave him Tamiflu, when the clinic on post told me all he could have was motrin. How close are you to Walter Reed?

  8. I'm glad he's feeling better! That's terrifying...I had to take Keenan to the emergency room a couple weeks ago for a rather nasty bronchial infection. It's not fun.

    My parents had the same kind of policy. If it wasn't broken or bleeding profusely, it could be fixed at home. Couple this mentality with the fact that we usually lived at least 30 miles from any sort of civilization and you have my brother and I who have been to a hospital maybe five times in our lives.

  9. I am glad he is feeling better!

    Kids are so fickle about being sick. They can go to feeling okay to SICK in no time and it is scary. Don't sweat the small stuff. He is feeling better right now and that is all that matters.

  10. Very happy to hear that Dash 1 is doing better. I have lost count as to how many time I've done the same things with my kids... I too was raised where you just DO NOT go to the doctor unless you are half dead... You're an AWESOME mom!!!

  11. So glad to hear that Dash-1 is doing better!
    I know, it's tough to know when to go, and when to tough it out. I'm ALWAYS second-guessing myself on that issue. Sounds like you got him there when you needed to.

  12. OMG I'm so glad he is ok.. it's a good thing kids are so resilient. I give you lotsa credit, I would've been freaking out and totally trying to red cross Iraq to get hubby home.


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