Monday, March 10, 2008

Manic Monday

I'm trying out my first Manic Monday and here goes.... this weeks theme is CAN.

The first thing I thought about was a sweet CAN of coca cola. Otherwise known in this house as nectar of the gods.
After my brain got back on track from that little blip I thought about the word a little more. CAN. CAN. I have a little boy who is going thru the "I CAN do it" phase. Its admirable really. He wants to conquer every mountain on his own. Except pulling up his pants, but that's neither here nor there right now.

My little ones remind me of the Little Engine That Could. So in honor of them here's that very determined little engine that reminds us all that we CAN!

I also always love a good quote. I came upon this one once and I liked it right away. It's very fitting for so much in life. My parting words come courtesy of Henry Ford.


  1. You sure "CAN" whip up a good Manic Monday! Great post.. come on by and visit the blog party, and grab a "CAN" of whatever grabs ya!


  2. Mmmmmmmmmm....coke.....

    my first love, aside from you my dear :)

  3. but if you think you can, you can, especially if you are trying your best, nice post.

  4. Great start to Manic Mondays!

    I like it... very positive day today.

  5. You did a really nice job on the post. And be glad that you little one only has issues with pulling UP his pants... and keeping them ON.

    When my boys were little, they were in heaven if they could do The Full Monty thing all day. What is it with little boys- or at lease MY little boys- and clothes (or no clothes, as the case may be)?

  6. Can-can can you do the can-can? can you do the can-can? can you do the ....

    fun post!

  7. hi leanne,

    amen sister. and i have loved this quote for years, too. hope you and your dashes are feeling way better now, kathleen


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