Thursday, March 13, 2008

The moment of truth

Wow. I caught this show a week or two ago. I don't know what to say, well I suppose I do or I wouldn't be typing about it. It was mildly entertaining, I mean you had people up there squirming around answering some very personal questions. Entertaining as it might be, I didn't watch for too long. I almost felt dirty watching it, that and flyboy was home, so every time he would walk past the living room he would mutter something about me participating in the downfall of a moral civilization.

I keep wondering at what price would someone sell themselves like that. The whole gist of the show is that for questions you answer truthfully you win money, I think the ultimate pot is 500k. The higher up you go, the questions get tougher. Tougher isn't so much the word, sleazy may fit better. Oh and to add to the fun, on top of the audience you have your own little audience, your husband, girlfriend, parents, siblings, whatever is fitting for you. One contestant was asked if she regretted marrying her husband... answer yes. Had she cheated on her husband (they were newlyweds)... answer yes. Did she wish she had married her ex boyfriend and would she leave her husband for him if he would have her back (oh and to make it better, the ex boyfriend makes a guest appearance to ask this) answer... yes. Awkward moment.

You shouldn't have these sort of issues in your marriage period but I would certainly think that going on a game show and exposing all this dirty laundry really isn't going to help. But then again I'm old fashioned like that. Everyone has a past I suppose. Mine would be horribly boring compared to some of these folks but Fox is out for ratings. And like flyboy loves to point out, it is working since I was watching. But again, why would people be ok with making such spectacle out of themselves like that. I guess what bothers me doesn't bother them. After all it does take all sorts to make the world go round. Of course what does that say about the world?

I get that money is a big driving force for some people. Heck I couldn't even imagine how 100k let alone, 500k would change our lives. But at what cost?! How is it that people crave the money so bad that they are willing to tear apart their families for it. In the episode I was watching there was a lady in which her questions were pertaining to her parents and mother. Talk about awkward. One of her questions were "Are you embarrassed to be a Jew?" Her family all but stopped breathing.

Really is it worth it? Doesn't seem so to me. Where has good, decent common sense run off to? I mean I know money is a driving force in life, like it or not, but come on folks. Have a little decency. Tell your husband you slept with another guy and wished you had married your ex for free in the privacy of your own home.


  1. I totally agree with you on this. We watched a part of the show and I had to turn it off. I kept asking myself why would someone do this to their family?? I can't imagine any amount of money being worth that. I guess I am too simple of a person to care about that, I don't know. Not that I wouldn't enjoy having a little bit of monetary freedom, mind you, but not at that cost. My family and friends mean way too much to me to do something like that!

  2. I agree.

    I read about this woman in the paper the day after the show aired. I couldn't believe it. How humiliating for her husband. And now she expects to stay married to him. Huh??

    I don't know...More money, more problems if you ask me. No amount of $ would be worth hurting the people I love the most.

  3. And what kind of fools dream up this crap, anyway? It says a lot about our society that people really believe this kind of stuff is what we all want to watch. I want to believe most people are not like this, but I wonder sometimes...

  4. hi leanne. money means nothing to me. i don't care about getting stuff. my needs are simple.

    but even if i wanted tons of money (which is no guarantee of happiness), i would not go on a show and publically hurt my people.

    shallow and hurtful stuff.

    i am with you that this is garbage. but then i can hardly stand tv and rarely watch it (but i love an occasional CSI or law and order show when i am in the mood).

    great points you brought up. glad you are feeling better sweetie, kathleen

  5. ha ha...yes, but what would America watch then? I guess there is always "Girls Next Door".
    I have only seen a small piece of that show but I always hear about the crazy stuff they ask, usually from Joel. I put it right up there with Maury and/or Jerry Springer.

  6. My husband has an interest in lie detector tests for some reason so we watched this episode. She lost all the money because when they asked her if she thought she was a good person, she said yes and the lie detector said otherwise. So she put her family through all that embarrassment for nothing. I just couldn't believe that she'd say she was a good person after all that she admitted on that show.

    The whole thing was really disturbing and we'll never watch it again. Greg and I would make really bad contestants, too--we're too boring and non-scandalous. And Greg can beat lie detectors anyway.

  7. Some people are able to put a price on their integrity. Sad that they can at all.


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