Thursday, March 20, 2008

Five years

Its been five years of OIF, March 19 marked the fifth anniversary of combat actions in Iraq. For me its hard to believe its been that long. Flyboy was in country weeks leading up to the war and was actually one of the first planes over the berm into their air space. I remember the fear and anticipation that I was going thru here at home, we were just married and now my love was in a war zone. The war was everywhere, it seemed like I couldn't escape it. The news was 24/7, every morning the front page of the paper was a headline about it, yellow ribbons were on trees, magnets on cars, American flags were on porches, in a way it was comforting.

I don't see many yellow ribbons on trees anymore. I see some on cars, most are faded or support Prostate Cancer or March of Dimes (all admirable causes). It's few and far between up here to see the war on the front page, if it is its for a local hero who paid with the ultimate sacrifice. It seems, in my humble opinion, that for many the war is on the back burner. Its hard for me to understand that but I'll be the first to admit that, myself personally, having a Marine for a husband, I don't have that perspective. Perhaps in a different situation the economy would be in my top slot over the war. I understand that many feel this war was unnecessary or that the administration had ulterior motives or lied to go in. I don't nor have I ever believed any of that and I am not trying to start political debate. Just wondering where the attention span has gone.

Five years, a couple of deployments, two kids, half a decade of marriage, we are still here. Thank God. Thank God that this war hasn't taken the thing most precious to our family. I have to admit in a way maybe I am like most Americans, I thought that it hadn't left much mark on us. Flyboy is still flyboy, we've made a nice home, a lovely family. But it has. Flyboy has seen and done things that I cant comprehend, he's had life experiences that I will never understand. I learned things about myself and I think we have learned things about us. That sounds so cryptic but as I sit to write this I feel that out of respect to flyboy I should keep that kinda stuff to just us.

So much has been accomplished and there is obviously so much further to go. I can only hope that the job is done thru to the end as it should be. I'm hardly a military strategist and despite my so very useful political science degree, middle east politics is not exactly my forte so I'm not going to offer up any suggestions.

I think its also important to think about those who have had their lives forever changed in the past five years. Those who have paid with the ultimate sacrifice, those who have had their lives forever altered in other ways. God bless them. It seems like I should say more to that but I don't know what too say.


  1. Congrats on reaching that milestone.

    Hopefully we won't have another 5 to go.

  2. I feel your pride as I read about flyboy, just know they are doing God's work. Flyboy is my hero.

  3. hey girl,
    wanted to tell you good morning real quick. gotta run to work, but i will be back to read you thoroughly. great day hon, kathleen pen pal :) xo

  4. I don't see many yellow ribbons anymore, either, and it makes me sad.

    I hope that your next five years are as lucky in blessings as the first, and I hope for Flyboy's continued safety as he does his job so admirably for all of us. Also, I hope he's home a little more for the next five years :)

  5. Hi there, Thanks for commenting on my blog. I just wanted to respond by saying that your perspective was welcome and not at all offensive. This is much what I have felt for my entire life.

    My husband is from a military family (the only male not able to serve because of a High school accident--he hates it!), and he has much of the same hard work mentality. I know when we are done with law school he will be gone much of the time with work and there is no real option to not be there for my kids...

    This was just the first job I've had where I said, "wow, I'm on a two year contract and would be kinda bummed to get pregnant and have to cut it short." Of course the joy of having a baby would quickly outweigh it.

    Thank you for your comment and I have enjoyed reading your blog as well. Please stop by again if you can!

  6. btw. there are little to no yellow ribbons in Ann Arbor (very Anti-war) and it drives my husband and I crazy!

  7. Thanks to everyone for taking time to read my ramblings and to make the effort to post a comment. Its always nice to know whos reading and what yall are thinking. I think this post might have been ever so slightly misunderstood, so I just wanted to clarify. this was written for the fifth anniversary of the start of the war, I just posted it a day late due to my mommy brain.

    my dear flyboy is a crusty old marine, he's been in for ten and a half years now. Sorry if the post was confusing. Its difficult sometimes to really put somethings into words that make sense outside of my head! Especially a topic like that.

    Again thanks to everyone for leaving such nice comments. hope to hear from you guys again!

    and sarge, flyboy is my hero too :) how lucky am I to get to marry not just my best friend but my hero?

  8. I have a huge pet peeve regarding the yellow ribbons people have on their cars. It seems like many if not most of these people are only giving lip service. When was the last time they did something that actually supports the troops? Have they sent care packages? Have they sent letters? Have they volunteered time to help those returning, injured, or the families of those who are deployed, injured, or killed in action?

    Don't get me wrong. I appreciate the show of support, but at some point, it feels like an empty kind of support. Like the friend who, after you just broke your leg and are having trouble getting around, says to call if you need anything... but doesn't really mean it and won't follow through without begrudging the request every step of the way.

    My grandmother, much as I love her, is one of these people. She has the yellow ribbon on her car. But every time I turn around, she's riding me about not living closer to family, and she punishes me by exempting me from so much in her life (but my cousins, who all live there, aren't treated like this). I keep telling her there isn't a whole lot of ocean in northern Alabama.... :sigh:

    I'd much rather have results than an empty promise in the form of a faded yellow ribbon.

  9. anchored away- DITTO! EXCELLENT POINT! some people you just want to take off the yellow ribbon and beat them with it. Not your grandmother of course but you know the ones im talking about. : )

  10. Great post!

    Thanks to you, your husband and your children for all of your service.


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