Thursday, March 27, 2008

my billiant idea

I'm getting quicker on my toes, yesterday there were 6 vomit incidents. I got to three of them in time with the bucket, so I only had to clean up three. That makes me 3 for 3 which I'll gladly take. All right so no vomit today. No one is really eating or drinking much but no vomit. That's half the battle and we are go back to the doctors tomorrow so I'll run the no eating and drinking by them.

One a side note I had a brilliant idea at the hospital today. I was there for a long winded pre-op appointment for a procedure I'm having on Monday and as I waited in the lab to have my blood drawn I ran into another mother there with her two little girls. She was lamenting about how difficult it is to drag your kids around that place. And it is, can someone explain to me in a hospital how there are NO handicap bathrooms? No handicap bathrooms mean no bathroom stalls big enough to fit a stroller in, which means, I had better not have to pee while I'm there. Anyways, it came to me, how great would a child care room there be? I know there is the CDC but at that base its a joke. I called once to see how the whole thing works and for what I would need, hourly care, the woman actually said, "Good luck getting a spot, they fill up quick with all the spouse coffees.". That peeves me to no end. I want to drop my kids off while my husband is away because MY HUSBAND IS AWAY, I need some help, I need to get an eye appointment or oh I don't know a pap smear. So how great would a place in the hospital to drop your kids off while your at an appointment be?

We live 45 min to an hour away from the base we have to go to for services. Travel time alone greatly adds to the cost of what a babysitter would be, not to mention during the school year its not so easy to find someone to watch the kids for a couple hours during the day. And really, today was a moot point, a friend had volunteered to watch the kids but with both of them being sick the day before I didn't want to expose her kids too it. So instead I took them with me and exposed everyone there! Oh well, all's fair. I had to keep this appointment. The procedure has to be done and has been scheduled for over a month. Had flyboy been home I would have told him that I needed him to stay with them but again moot point, he's elsewhere, so they came with me. During the entire 2 hours and 45 mins at the hospital. Lots of fun for toddlers but they were pretty good. My OB/GYN wasn't thrilled that I brought them with me (no exam today so it wasn't like I brought them for that) but really, I didn't have much choice. And all I have to say to her is.... bite me, I wont be bringing them with me Monday.


  1. that is a good idea. you really should email the hospital or fill out a suggestion card at the very least. they might not listen to one person but maybe you could get some of the other parents in the area to do the same (ooh, now I have you inciting a riot, huh?)

    and honestly, what did the OB/GYN expect you to do? Leave the boys home alone or by themselves in the car? Obviously it wasn't your first choice to bring them either but if that's how it has to be, that's how it has to be. Suck it, cranky doctor!

  2. Yep...bite me. A person can only do so much. Man, that's horrid. Cut the woman some slack doc, she's had an on-going puke disaster and now she's stuck without a sitter.

    Why IS it someone would think you WANTED to bring your children if you had a choice not to?



  3. I agree...she can shove her crankiness where...ahem. They really ought to provide a service like that for you, and those women (or men) whose spouses are deployed or not in the area should get priority over the ones who would need their kids watched for a spouse coffee.

    What is that, anyway?

  4. It SO pisses me off that the clinic on a mostly-deployed base expects moms with small children to NOT bring them to appointments. I'm sorry, I just moved to town, my husband is 2000 miles away, and I know NO ONE here. What do YOU think I should do with them?!? GRRRRR...

    Okay, so your post hit one of my major buttons... Good luck with your proceedure on Monday!

  5. I hop eyour procedure went well today. And you do have a great idea. I believe that our hospital (Tripler) does offer some kind of childcare for appointments. I'm not sure how it works, though.

    The CDC is a joke - you have to be all totally preregistered which takes a few weeks. And then if you want a slot in the hourly care you need to call two weeks in advance. at 7am. By 10am most of the slots are filled for the day two weeks away.

    So how exactly are you supposed to get drop in care on the day that you need it with most appointments at the clinic made the morning of?

    Don't even get me started on the one year+ wait list for preschool...


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