Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I'm here really....

I've been slacking in the post department lately, with good reason. Last week flyboy was home and on his second week of some nasty illness, the boys had it but it seemed to get better pretty quick with them. I got it and nothing would kick it. So after a painfully long drawn out dr. visit with the whole family, several medications later, its almost gone. Flyboy was well enough that he's off.... somewhere... doing something for the next few weeks. I can almost smell and taste again and my head no longer feels like its going to explode. We came down to visit my folks for Dash-1 appointment at Walter Reed and to spend Easter with them since Flyboy is away. Well wouldn't you know, it was starting to look up.

And then. It hit. The flu.

Poor Dash-1 is vomiting and has the runs. He's just not feeling well at all, he cant keep down any food, Tylenol, juice, just Popsicles. Right now I'm quickly typing this as Dash-2 (who hopefully is just still working on the remnants of his cold not the beginnings of this things) naps and while Dash-1 lays on the couch. While he is sick is the only time he will really ever lay still. Its so odd and unusual. I'm hoping that today will be the turning point and that I dont need to go get him looked at.

I'm not on a sabbatical anywhere... just cleaning up vomit. Speaking of which....


  1. You're a good mommy/wife. Keep it up. When this life is over, the kids will remember your loving care for them (even if you were in tears when you did it ~smile~)

  2. awww feel better Fly Family! :)

  3. Aww...I hope everyone starts feeling better soon!

  4. Yikes!!

    And I was feeling sorry for myself this morning because the dog AND cat have tummy bugs.

    Feel better! I am sending good, non-flu vibes to the Dashes and to you and Flyboy!

  5. Sounds very familiar, but I hope it leaves your house quicker than it left mine... there are some nasty bugs going around this year!

  6. Oy! That's bad! I hope tomorrow is a better day.

  7. sorry leanne,
    this all sounds so miserable for you and your guys. i am now feeling better after being sicker than a dog from that sinus infection. i am not used to feeling so sick for so many days. i, too, felt like my head was going to explode. i couldn't believe how awful it made me feel for a good solid two weeks at least, so i really feel for ya.

    see you soon.

    take good care darlin,

  8. I am sorry to hear everyone feels bad! Speed woke up this morning with fever...he had the flu like a month ago, so I hope this is not another strain of the same! I feel for you!!!

  9. Oh no! I hope everyone is feeling better soon!

  10. I hope those kiddos get to feeling better soon:)


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