Thursday, March 27, 2008

Why I love a Marine Base

Gasp two post in one night. I'm feeling giddy that its still quiet around here. I had to go by flyboy's work today to pick up something from his car and since I was already there I figured I'd go ahead and replace the year sticker for my DoD sticker on my car. For some reason the batch of year stickers they have fade and I keep getting hassled going onto the Army post so I needed a new sticker.

I didn't realize I was showing up that the office 2 minutes before they opened up after lunch, when I got there the place was FILLED with Marines. I had the little ones with me, Dash-1 was walking, off in his own world as always, and I was carrying Dash-2. The second one of the Marines saw me coming he came out to open the main door for me, when I got inside the building I noticed another Marine was holding open the office door. Someone got up so that I could balance Dash-2 in the chair instead of standing up with a squirming 15 month old and another Marine was being so polite while Dash-1 was telling him all about how a jet engine works (flyboy taught Dash-1 the dummies guide to a jet engine, "suck, squeeze, bang, blow". It makes sense and Dash-1 can actually explain it pretty well but still, does a three year old really need to have that in his arsenal to repeat at some very awkward times?) this guy was even further explaining it to Dash-1 who was eating this up. When the Sgt. came to the window to start seeing people, despite my being the last to arrive, a Marine told me to go first, when I asked if he was sure and looked around at everyone else to make sure nobody was going to run up and demand to go in order, everyone of the Marines nodded in agreement.

Chivalry isn't dead, not in the least. It just wears a kick ass pair of digital cammies.


  1. Yep, there are just some things that are amazing, refreshing, and restore a tad bit of faith in us as humans. Marines, yeah.

    PS Glad it's getting a little more peaceful and a lot less projectile around there. I was starting to worry.

  2. No, chivalry is not dead :) I'm glad it's still alive! Sounds like your boys had a good time, too.

  3. I used to think it[chivalry] was completely dead until I met my BF.

    Granted, he's not in the digi-cami's but hey my airman still now how treat a lady!

    I once had a drill sgt. chew out a platoon of recruits because none of them opened the door for me at the commissary. You either join with manners, or learn them REAL QUICK! I was giggling like a school girl when I walked away! :-)

  4. *knows* how to treat a lady.

    Good thing I got's my edumacation...

  5. Ohh-Rah! Glad to see (or hear) that even though I have been out of the Corps for 8 yearsnow... they've still got it going on!

    Hope to hear things get better - ya'll can't be sick forever right? :)


  6. AHAHAH very nice story! Definitely made me smile!

  7. YAY! I love it! Gata be great having such great role models around your boys too!

    On our very first date, I told Sgt. he didn't have to walk me to the door cause it was cold outside and he looked at me with this confused stare and made me promise that in the future I would never give someone a second date if they didn't walk me to the door, no matter who it was. :) The rest is history. I love gentlemen!

  8. If their Momma didn't raise them right, then the Marines will :)

    A buddy of mine, who happens to be a Marine, insists upon opening doors for me and also insists on walking on the street side of the sidewalk. I love it :) He looks good in his digital cammies too. *sigh*

  9. It was refreshing to read your post!

    Although, it doesn't surprise me - I love how our military members are so respectful!

  10. There is so much to say about that (yet words cannot describe it). Once my mom and I noticed the mall had many "fatigues" in it (with a few dress uniforms). She mentioned how it "scared" her- I think due to the JFK era. Anyway, I told her I felt more at peace there than ever- because if anything were to go wrong they would be the first to help.

  11. so sweet :)

    (and sure I'd bail you out of the brig.)

  12. leanne,
    that is totally awesome. you know what happened today? i loved this. sometimes on saturdays, there is this one strip near a traffic light and the VFW, the vets, put out this display and tons of flags for support for vets and troops. it is cool. and the vets always wave to the crowd of cars. today when i drove by, the one vet didn't wave at me this time. he saluted me. and without even thinking, i binged into action and gave him a sharp salute back. it felt cool to do that. he grinned. we both grinned at each other as i drove past. that put such a grin on my face. i loved that little spontaneous moment.

    fun to share it with ya, kathleen :)

  13. That's awesome, sometimes I miss living on the Marine base. Very few guys on this post would ever do that.


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