Monday, March 24, 2008

Do you do dishes AND answer your phone?

Occasionally, while standing in the checkout line at target or the commissary, I will give into my desires. I will by myself a crap magazine to take home and enjoy. I'm not talking about the weird rags that go on about half human half bat creatures but the Life and Style or In Touch. You know the important ones! Flyboy hates these magazines, this in his opinion falls into the "contributing to the downfall of civilization" category like watching Moment of Truth and its not like I really care what Hollywood is up too. But these magazines are just oh so wonderful. Full of nothing but fluff and trivial crap and really everyone can use some of that in their day every now and again.

So the other day I picked up one of the magazines and read the funniest story. I think the reader was supposed to read the article and then say "wow Tom and Katie (Cruise) really are down to Earth despite having more money then the GNP of several small countries combine." The article was about Tomkat and how they just bought a new mansion (umm speaking of a small country that would be more fitting then mansion), how they care for their kids or something like that, and how normal Katie really is.

As a disclaimer I have no ill will against them. I mean you could get into the whole debate about how actors and actresses are paid obscene amounts of money to do crappy movies but hey they have money good for them. But don't try to make it seem like they are really living life like the rest of us. Unless any of you out there are living in a ginormous mansion that has two guest houses and a six car garage. If so I stand corrected Tomkat are just like middle America.

Any who the line was "She doesn't do things like laundry or wash dishes but she does draw her own bath and pick up the phone when it rings." Wow. She answers her own phone. That is down to earth. Earth shattering would be if she actually recorded her own answering machine message and knows how to check it. And drawing her own bath? That by the way eludes to the fact that she has time for a bath. Lets be honest even at night if flyboy is flying and I get in a bath thats when someone falls out of bed or needs something.

Like I said, good for them for being able to live the high life. I just read that line and instantly thought, I have to blog this, I must share this with others, surely this is not just ludicrous to me. I tried to share it with flyboy, I emailed a little rant to him and his response was that I bought it so I am feeding into it, I have only myself to blame and we are not hiring someone to answer our phone just to outdo them. Damn I hate it when he's right.


  1. First of all, wow. Down to earth=answering your own phone.

    Second, I really really really want to hire someone to answer my phone. I hate telephones, and will do just about anything to avoid answering mine. Somehow I don't think telling dh that it would make us more posh than Tomkat would bring him around to the idea. ;-)

  2. omg...she draws her own bath and answers her own phone...

    I do understand buying one of those just for a little frivolous in one's life, can't hurt really. Add to that you get to shake your head and roll your eyes at things like Tomkat's "normalcy." Right.

  3. I get those magazines sometimes, too, just for the sake of reading something that I don't really have to pay much attention to...

    I don't see how they use THAT to say that she's down to earth. If they said something like, "she does all the child care and the housekeeping" then, OK, she's a lot like most people I know. Sure, I'd love to have a maid and a chef and a dog walker and all that, but if I did, I wouldn't be showing off that I can bathe myself or that I answer the phone if it rings. My 7 year old niece can do those things, and I'm pretty sure even at her age, she doesn't consider either a big accomplishment.

  4. Those magazines are what I refer to as brain candy. Not good for you, but darn it, sometimes you just want some!

    I don't even have kids and I think the closest I'll come to "drawing a bath" is reading Amelia Bedilia to a child.

  5. ooo Tomkat :)

    p.s. who takes a bath anymore anyway??

  6. Wow! I didn't know that down to earth is filling up your bathtub to take a bath and answering the phone. I'm so glad she is just like us....wink. That is pretty funny. Sorry I haven't been around, I have had no time since I started my new job. I'll do better I promise!!

  7. OMG...she also answers her own phone and draws her own bath?! Her and I must be cosmic soul folk or something because that is just too weird! Who would have thought that flippin' Katie Holmes-Cruise/TomKat Cruise-Holmes whatever was so normal? Or maybe I'm just so much more worldy and ritzy than I thought. Who knows? Oh, there goes the phone, excuse me I have to go answer when the little folk call.

  8. LMAO! That is all I can really think about that!

    And yes everyone is finally healthy and all are running around like little hoodlums!!! Back to "normal" :)

  9. I'd just take the ginormous house...then maybe we'd **fit** into the house, because military housing is not designed with big families in mind....

    It always frustrates me that the people w/ obscene amounts of money say they "care" about others...are they putting their money where their mouths are?!? Don't pretend to be "normal" and still live like kings and queens....

  10. Fabulous, my day needed this. Thanks!!!

  11. Hahahaha, My hubs thinks those magazines and the online versions are trash and always berates me about this.

    I love the TomKat one...there was a similar phrasing for JLo in the new People, check it out!

    Sorry for getting you hooked on sitemeter (not part of my evil plan, Mrahawhaw!)

  12. If that makes her down to earth....well.....geez, what can you say to that?? Sad....

    I read those crap magazines in the dentist and doctor offices, every single time!

  13. adorable post girl. he he. i always have someone draw a shower for me right before they cater the dinner party in the sun room of my ginormous neigbordhood size "modest" home. he he.

    i love having less and cherishing more :)

    come see me, kathleen :)

  14. This sounds like a bug that has literally been going around the entire country believe it or not. Most people get a cold then the stomach flu and then things seem better and the flu comes back. Really weird. Anyways,I so totally had this happen to me last November and my story was almost identical. Gosh it sticks sometimes! It is so hard to go through things like that with your spouse there let alone doing bye ourselves. I feel your pain. Just know you are not alone in this. Lots of thoughts and prayers are going your way! HUGS!


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