Sunday, March 23, 2008

Manic Monday

Today's Manic Monday is dedicated to the mighty EGG. Very fitting since Easter was yesterday.

I always figured an EGG was an EGG. All the same right? No. Thanks to a wonderful neighbor of ours I now know the true beauty that is a farm fresh EGG straight from a chickens butt. Farm fresh EGGS rock! They are head and shoulder above the store ones.

Last May EGGS took on a new meaning. After many reactions to some different foods Dash-1 was finally sent to an allergist for testing. The results among with some other things a severe reaction to peanuts and what else.... EGG. Should he accidentally ingest some he could go into shock and then I'd have to whip out the epi-pens that for 11mths thankfully haven't been used. Oh the power of a little EGG.

We don't think it has anything to do with dressing him up like a chicken for his first Halloween....


  1. WELL NOW, he made one fine chicken.

  2. Very cute little chicken :) No wonder you don't dye your own eggs...I was wondering about that.

  3. what a cutie chicken!?! btw. does it mean he can't eat things made with eggs (like bread, cakes, etc?) or just straight eggs?

  4. oh its everything that has egg in it or is processed at a plant which processes egg products. that puts a crimp in things like cakes and pastas but so far we have substitutions and are finding new things as we go. I'm thankful he's small enough that we could just teach him how to eat now instead of having to change it once he had habits in place.

  5. awwwhhhh! that is the sweetest costume on your little one! can you hear me saying, "awwwhhhh"?

  6. OMG, that is the cutest costume ever!!


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