Wednesday, March 26, 2008

here it comes again

I do believe I am nearing the end of my rope. Actually I might have already passed it, if not then gimme a day or two. Dash-2 got sick on Easter, his big trick was vomiting in his sleep, repeatedly. That seemed to slow down thankfully. Then last night at 11:44 as I was drifting off to a repeat of Sex In the City I heard that all too familiar cough from Dash-1's room. I got there in time to see him projectile vomit ALL over his room. Great. Cleaned it up, got him changed, tucked him into my bed so I could keep an eye on him, put Dash-2 back down as he had woken up in the excitement and then head back to bed. I kid you not, three minutes later without any grand warning he blew chunks again all over my bed. So, another jammies, new sheets, this time towels on his side of the bed and we try the bed thing again. And on and on it went. I went thru three sets of sheets, he had four jammie changes, two different towels and nine or ten bouts of vomit before he finally settled in and feel asleep at 4 am.

When Dash-2 woke up at 7 am I called the doctor's and got the usual no appointment available. I have to say the lady was very nice and when I told her how sick he had been that night she told me she would get something and call back. So we got an apt. trekked down to the doctors and got to wait and wait. When he was finally looked at the guy all but scratched his head and said it would pass. He told us to see a Gastro. which we happened to have scheduled for later but had we not its not like you can just walk into their office and get an appointment. He consulted with a pediatrician and told me that it's probably just the breaks that he caught another bug and the gastro should have more answers.

Oh and to add to the joy of the day. The MP's were doing the random safety stops at the gate, you know pull over show your registration, insurance, etc and then they run it. We are on our way to the hospital while my little one is in the back seat puking into his little puke bucket, surely they wouldn't pull us over. Oh yes. Yes they did. And the guy took forever to run my info. Really I couldn't get cut a break that once? sigh.

On the way to the gastro after the peds guess what happens next..... oh yes, that's right. Dash-2 projectile vomits ALL over himself, his car seat, and the back half of the car. Sweet. I pulled over and cleaned him up in the parking lot of a tractor store and got quite a few nasty looks. As if I planned my day this way folks.

I wont bore you with the details from the gastro, he's puzzled by it all. Dash-1 has some new meds to help his stomach. He seems a big confused as to why the peds aren't looking into the coughing and his congestion, I tried to explain the black hole that is military medicine but really, you have to experience it to get it. (disclaimer, not all military medicine is full of incompetence, just the overwhelming majority of it)

Like I said, I'm at my wits end. I have been calling flyboy and snapping at him because well, I don't know what else to do right now. I am frustrated that illness is just lingering in this house for going on four weeks and that I'm the lucky SOB who's home to deal with it. I just wish that someone else was here to help clean up vomit at 3 am. Times like these that military life seems like a giant uphill battle that, quite frankly, sucks.


  1. Oh..poor little guys! And poor Mommy too. I've had some frustrations with military medicine lately too, but thankfully it's me endlessly sick (sinus infections) instead of my son.

    I hope everyone is doing better soon..

  2. Gah, that's horrible! I hate the puking worst of all - and why does it ALWAYS happen when he's away?! I can think of one time Oliver was here to clean up puke...

    I really hope they get over this soon. Hang in there!

  3. Sorry everyone sick and you are alone to deal with it my love. Give me a call if you need to vent. I'm always here.

    love you

  4. Oh...sheesh. I'm sorry. You can vent at me :) I hope they feel better soon and that the docs can get something figured out so your boys are healthy.

  5. Hugs, girl. Been there, been there again, and been there again. We're doing the same thing right now. I wonder if there's a bug going around that goes dormant for a while then hits again?

    I was actually getting worried the other day when we started up on Round the Third of the 4am pukes that my kids have been hit with more lead poisoning. If this stuff doesn't stop soon, I'm going to take them in and insist on another test.

    I hope your projectiles stop soon. I know how hard it is to deal with all this alone. Egads, do I. :(

  6. awww stinkin doctors! :( I'm glad that you're such a super mommy otherwise I'm not sure how you'd deal with all the puke. I hope those little guys get to feeling better soon!

  7. Ok, now I want to completely delete my Magical Day post. Lord have mercy. Dash-1 and now Dash-2, I'm so sorry. I really do wish they would make the teleporter I want. Then we could make Flyboy teleport home to do some puke duty and I would even volunteer for a round or two.

    I will be thinking of you and hoping for no more projectile from the Dash's, some uninterrupted sleep would be good too. Hang in there is not enough but it's all I have. *hugs*

  8. OH, gosh that is so horrible...I am so sorry you had such a pukey night (and day). Thank you for putting me on your blogroll...I will definitely add you to mine! Have a better-less-pukey day.

  9. I'm so sorry your kids are vomiting everywhere. I can totally relate with wanting someone to clean up puke other than yourself. Punkin puked all over herself, her crib, blanket and stuffed animal last night. I hope it all passes soon and everyone is feeling better.

  10. awh honey, i'm so sorry. my heart just goes out to you and your guys. if i lived there, i would come over and help you clean up the vomit.

    wish i could make it easier on your leanne. take care. hope there is some peace in your today, kathleen xo

  11. I'm sorry to hear that you are having having to deal with another round of bugs. I hope it passes quickly! I wish I could help out!!!

  12. Oh man! Poor kid. I hope he starts feeling better soon and everyone gets a good night's sleep.

  13. Oh man - I am so sorry. Sorry for your little guys having to go through that. Poor things. But, I am sorry for you for having to deal with it too. I love being a mother, as I know you do too, but it's times like that that make me want to run for the hills. You know? You are probably so sleep deprived and need a big time break. I wish I lived nearby... I would risk the ickies just to give you a break! I'll be praying for you :)


  14. Ugh, that's awful :(

    I really hope that they start figuring out what it wrong with the Dash brothers and actually start helping soon... and that Flyboy is able to come home for a bit and help you deal with it!

    I am so sorry that you're dealing with this all alone. I don't blame you for being so frustrated and exhausted by it all!

  15. Aww - I'm sorry!! Sounds rough.

    I hate being pulled over at the gate too - I use to "encourage" my baby to scream as we pulled up to the gate, hoping they wouldn't do inspections on us! :) It sometimes worked!


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