Friday, October 2, 2009

Where I was coming from, the post that lives on

You know what I'm really surprised about? A post I wrote way back in April about my take on uniform purses is still getting comments.

I had another thought provoking post planned about how easily it is to switch back into having flyboy on the road even after my hormonal trepidations about it, but sure enough I logged into blogger and I had another comment about the purses to moderate. (After a post has been up for a couple of weeks I have to moderate them, that way they don't get lost in the shuffle).

That post must come up when you search for uniform purses and apparently there are people out there looking for them, cause months later and people are still coming out of the woodwork with their views on them.

And let me tell ya the views are varying. And for that I say good on ya. What makes this country great is that we all have differing views. I don't agree with all of them but then again, not everyone agrees with me but I am surprised that some people can be down right rude about it.

I like to approach my blog with humor (and the occasional drip of sarcasm from time to time) I'm not out to change peoples views or influence the world. Come on folks, this is a blog, I hardly have some over inflated view of myself.

One comment I received last month about the uniform purses said something to the effect (if you want to see the exact one go to the post and scroll to bottom of the comments) of my blog was a waste of time and that did I really think I was going to change someones opinion.

Let me answer that with the short answer first... no I didn't you moron.

Now the long winded response.

I was merely putting out my opinion on uniform purses and the reasons that I personally don't agree with them. Honestly I thought it was a pretty informed rant and I wasn't name calling or belittling those that do like to wear them.

Look, I don't like uniform purses, while I can't speak for all Marines or Marine Corps families, many of us take the uniforms very seriously. Marines get uppity about their uniforms. And as they should. Those uniforms aren't just articles of clothes they are earned and deserve respect, just like the flag.

I wouldn't cut the flag up to make a purse out of that either in case you were wondering. And I cringe every time I see a flag bikini, really who thought that the flag would be proper coverage for your rear or your left boob?

But that's where I was coming from with my post. I didn't think, nor did I care if I changed any minds.

I don't expect every person to agree with my post. Please state your disagreements in the comments. Actually my best friend has disagreed with several post of mine and has left me comments to that effect. Am I mad? Hardly, discourse is needed. That being said there is no need to be a douche.

And to call my blog a time waste? Well yes, yes it is, but its also a journal, an outlet, a way to connect to others who are living the same up and down life that I am, its a way to reflect what life throws at me. It helps me to appreciate the moments that otherwise I might just plow thru because with three kids life gets hectic. So while it might be a time waster in the grand scheme, its a pretty darn worthwhile one.

If you think its worthless, again, your opinion, move on. I'm not asking you to follow my mundane life.

What really irritated me about that commenter was that it was done anonymously.

No blog linked to it, no email to respond to, nada nothing. Granted I blog under the guise of "the mrs." but I'm reachable. So since I can't reach you specifically to the anonymous who thought I was full of myself and that this blog was time waster, I'll put my response out there on here for you.... suck it.

And have a nice day. I don't want to be rude like her.

Now I wonder if this uniform purse post will live on for months too.......

Oh and the winner of the book giveaway is Brie! You will love it although I'm supremely jealous that you'll be reading it in peace and quiet at the gym while BOTH your girls are in school.

***update*** apparently I need to add this line yet again


There has that clarified it enough?


  1. you go girl! (wait, i have to re-read. you said douche? that's one of my favorite words.)

    not a fan. i think they're tacky. ladies, be proud of your service man. wear a t-shirt, put a freaking sticker on your car, but those purses are less than fashionable.

    i went back and read your post about those ugly things. i had no idea about the marine uniform (but those men look mighty fine in them! yum!).

    i see it like i see the flag too. i don't own a piece of clothing with the flag on it, neither does jax. nor the hubs. nor will we. it's disrespectful and against flag code. and uniforms are meant to be respected, not meant as an accessory.

  2. This one will probably never die if people are still commenting!

    I think that commenters should leave opinons..lord knows I have, but the rudeness should be left out. The "waste of time" lady was very rude. She has a right to state: "to each their own" but then she crossed the line. You didn't post that you hate all people who have these bags, or all people who have bags are just stated your opinon: That they are not for you.

    I think sometimes when folks read something they believe in strongly they take it personally.

    "waste of time" lady is a D bag.

  3. I bet this means that last week when Paul was asleep and I took the flag and his name tag off his uniform and stuck it to his chest hair I was being very disrespectful...

    Okay, all kidding aside. Your post DID make me think about the uniform bags and I still think about it every time I see one. You did it in a respectful and thought provoking way. Everyone is entitled to their opinion but RESPECT is what your post was all about. That is why those commentors who attack you personally are completely missing the point.

  4. haha a "drip of sarcasm" ;) hhehehe. I love your blog and the fact that you are full of sass. Don't let the naysayer say otherwise!

  5. My kids and I wear clothes with flags on it but i'll remeber next time not to do it in front of you. But i wouldnt turn my husbands uniform into a bag (i rather your mom make me one of her cute ones).

    Im so excited i finally won something :) I'll think of you while working out and reading it

  6. First, as I have said before but less strongly, NEVER, EVER, EVER think your blog is a waste of time or bandwidth. You reach out to other spouses as a sister-in-spirit and are part of what holds us all together.

    As for the purses - OMG. I have, thankfully, never even heard of this, until just now. My neighbour works at a factory that makes helo covers, and we used some scraps to make bandannas for the dogs for the MFRC (like your FRG, I think) fundraising walk ... but those were scraps!! An actual uniform? And the name tapes and rank insignias??? Eesh, I am with you on this one.

  7. I read the comments and I can see the "I want to have a piece of him with me" argument...but frankly, if it's considered disrespectful, especially by SERVICEMEMBERS, then no, you just don't do it.

  8. You tell em! And seriously the "suck it", oh man, I'm so glad I wasn't taking a drink at that moment.

  9. I honestly don't get all the anonymous hate comments that are making their way around the blogesphere! Like you said, if they don't like your opinion they have every right to move on along, you never told them to read your blog.

    Oh and great use of the words "douche" and "suck it!" I agree, uniform purses are dumb and tacky...just another way for wives to where their husbands rank/job out in the open.

  10. to quote you: "Cripes!" :D

    what a bee-atch. anonymous needs to bugger off.

  11. In references to my last post, I think you are going to regret putting "douche" and "suck it" in the same post. Just sayin'! :-p

    I love rants. Rant away. Anybody who's being a jerk and saying a blog is a waste of time *doesn't get it*.

  12. Oh yeah -- POST MORE BABY PICTURES! :-D How can I experience motherhood vicariously through both you and Allison (iheartchange) if you don't post pics?? :-p

  13. Haha, I had to comment on the purse blog too...

    People who comment without a blog or a way to reach them are cowards! I agree with that!

    THis makes me want to start a conversation about this topic on my blog... except I don't have hardly any followers and would probably get like 1 comment. Haha.

  14. I'm erally wondering if your nasty McDouche-Pants Annonymous commenter is the same one that preys on my blog as well. But I laugh everytime I click the "Delete" button, instead of the "publish" button. It's my own little power-play, I suppose. But either way, it totally makes their comment a waste of time. ha ha ha! Take THAT!

    The ONLY comments I block are the Nasty McDouche-Pants ones. Peopel that disagree or say they dont' like me, those are fine. I publish them as quickly as the others. But when they're annonymous and make me laugh becuase of how highly they think of themselves and their opinions and in saying things like "your blog is a waste of time", it makes me wonder how they can think that of me, and not of themselves as they say these things.

    Good times, I suppose, because I sure get a kick out of them.

    We should swap nasty comments someday. ha ha ha

  15. well...that comment was not only rude, but cowardly as well. Of course, that person didn't have the guts to stand behind her name. She posted that your blog is a waste of time, yet she READ it, and she took the time (or WASTED it, lol) to comment, but didn't have the ball$ to tack her name on to it. D.A.R. had the guts to say she thought they were tacky. I had the guts to say I didn't mind them.

    But to come and attack someone's blog and not even stand behind your comment by allowing the rest of us to go lambaste YOU...pathetic, Ms. Anonymous.


    You keep going the way you are. WE love you, Anonymous is just a hater. So there.

  16. I so agree with you on the purses!! My husband used to be a Marine and those things got on my nerves. I just didn't think they were cute...I'm all about supporting our Marine Corps, but what's wrong with a bumper sticker on your car and a cute purse to carry?? What's worse is seeing those wives who are wearing their husband's PT uniforms AND carrying the purse...UGH!!

  17. You are such a sassy-pants! I love it! And I love reading your blog, it's a good "waste of time" for me. :)

  18. you know, i'm glad you talked about this (sorry about your mean commenter :( ).

    i just saw them online the other day - the purses - and thought they were actually kind of cute (we're totally into camo stuff for my son now because of this army business - camo carseat cover, camo diapers, camo sneakers, what can i say, i'm a dork - but these are just camo prints, not cut up stuff).

    i just assummed that they were using actual fabric, not cut up uniforms (ps the only purses i saw were camo, not uniforms).

    but now that i'm reading your post about it, i really have to say i agree. i never thought about it that way before, but you're right, it is a respect issue.

    thanks for sharing!

  19. dont let one person who won't even give out their name sway you from blogging.

  20. three words...

    douche and suck it


  21. I agree with you. In fact, spouses used to cut flight suits for our annual flight suit formal and this year the Navy finally made them put an end to it. Personally, I could never cut one of his uniforms! He has so many from his Academy days he wants to get rid of and I cant even part with them haha!

    Some people are just crazy!

  22. Nothing wrong with having an opinion. Totally agree with the purses, don't see the style in them.

    Your blog is not a waste of time don't you forget that!

    Left you a Lovely present on my blog! Come pick it up. Congrats!


  23. Good for you...It always baffles me how people forget that a blog is one persons personal opinions,beliefs and feelings...and if you don't like the fabulous red x on the top left...I like that you have differing views than others...I don't like reading the same thing over and over that would be a waste of time!

  24. That cracks me up that posts on that topic are still coming in! I used to think that uniform purses were the I think they go head to head with uniform diaper bags.

  25. Hello.
    When someone googles "uniform purses" your blog post is on the first page of results- why it is probably still collecting comments. I read and bookmarked it when you posted it, meaning to come back and comment myself, guess I should go do that now, lest I be accused of beating a dead horse if I were to comment later on.

  26. No Blog is a waste of time!! I like the purses and some people can be really creative with them and not everyone uses uniforms. In fact I used to make them myself. But with every Military wife and her friend making them I decieded it was something not for me I had another sewing passion I was doing at the same time and took that up full time! And I see what you mean with ripping a uniform, that is sad, which is another reason I stopped ( a girl had to wait months for her hubby to give her his uniform for mr to make her a purse) I thought to myself what if he wanted to keep it for special purposes.That was the stopping point for me. So after my novel I have given you...LOL What I am trying to say is I now agree with you with ripping uniforms but, if you make them from fabric it is a different topic!! Happy blogging and I will now follow you, man I say my opinions and I get attacked like I am a terrorist...your lucky!!

  27. Ok I am Back!! I just read your original post and the comments with it!! Bahahaha!! My real honest opinion is.....I think people just want to agree with you. EVERYTIME I go to the PX I see women with those purses, so for others to comment that they are tacky and nasty...I just think deep down they want one too!!LOL

  28. I have actually never seen one of those purses around here but I have heard of them. We donate old uniforms to the thrift store so sailors with less money can replace worn out uniform items, not make other things out of them. Some of that stuff gets expensive. If I feel the need to have something of his, I carry his picture in my wallet, or wear one of his tshirts or something like that.

    I swear some people wouldn't know a discussion of ideas if it walked up and kicked them in the @#$*s.

  29. Yeah, ok. Maybe some people don't have the same deference for the uniform as The Mrs.

    But, and let me be clear, if you own or want to own one of those purses, let me give you some advice: They are hideous, obnoxious, and downright ugly. You should be ashamed to have such bad taste.

  30. Oh, and by the way. I once blogged about a doctor that was a family friend of ours and passed away at a fairly early age. One anonymous commenter RIPPED on him! He/she went onto say what a terrible doctor/person he was!

    People have no guts, you know? If you want to be a jackass, at least put your contact information down so that I can tell you that in a friendly email, mmkay?

  31. I recently commented on your other post- and I must say, although we disagree on this topic, I do enjoy your writing. There's nothing better than waking up to a cup of coffee and a well written witty blog. I also noticed someone shouted me out in your comments on your other purse post (Wont lie, probably one of my friends- I passed your link around a bit). I think that yes some of the purses are down right ugly- but not all! For me it gives me great pride when I go home to go out there and show my pride in what my husband does.


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