Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Today I...

Today I....
woke up earlier then I would have liked.

had the wind blow a tree full of rain on me as I got dash-2 in his car seat.

felt my sanity eroding in the doctors office, dash-1 slugged dash-2 (in the face) for not sharing his seat as I was trying to calm down a very irritated dash-3.

had all three kids wailing simultaneously in the before mentioned doctors waiting room. Oh yeah and it was full of people. Of course.

was informed that flyboy will be away next week and wont be able to take dash-1 on a school field trip.

had a cart slam into my new car. Thanks again to the wind.

was "that mom" in the commissary with the crazy kids. Yeah, I was definitely that mom.

got the new checkout guy and took forrrrrrever.

heard from a four year old that I am a bad mommy.


Today I also...
got a kiss from my husband as he left from work.

snuggled with a warm sleeping baby in a nice quiet house as the sun came up and the rain was ending.

had a stranger in the doctors office tell me that I was the "model of patience" and seemed like a great mom.

kept my patience with my kids, even while it was tested.

had a nice conversation with the bagger at the grocery store, a lovely retiree.

got to talk to a friend on the phone while my kids ran around being kids.

had a great dinner with my family in which EVERYONE behaved.

got a hug and a kiss from both my kids for no other reason then being mommy.

All in all today was a good day.


  1. Go you for having patience! That's huge!

  2. I'd say your good definately outweighs the bad! Yay for good days.

  3. Nice perspective. Like this one.

  4. You're so positive! Hope the next week goes quick for you and that Dash 1 (or was it 2) asks for a Mark Sanchez Jets Jersey :)

  5. Glad you found some happiness among all the craziness!

  6. We're usually THAT family at the commissary, lol. I get mad when I read posts about the horrible kids at the commissary and how their kids will NEVER do that. Famous last words, cause what kid wants to spend two hours getting groceries where they will be terribly bored no matter what they drag along. At least I'm not sensitive today, lol.

  7. awww, the ups and downs of being a Mom. At least someone complimented you in the doctor's office instead of telling you to take control of your kids. Always a plus in my book.

  8. For every negative, there is a positive! <3 Great Post!

  9. Way to focus on the positive!

  10. sounds like an average day in the life of a military mom/wife! God Love ya!

  11. Ooh... I can't wait to be a mommy - especially when you write posts like this. *tear

  12. Very nice pictures!
    Have a look at "Living on Love - The Messenger" book by Klaus Joehle. It's about sending love - very good for flyboys when their someone specials send them love! It makes their chances higer.

  13. I know you couldn't put in that you talked to me, 'cause then everyone would've been waaaaaay super duper jealous. :-p

    I like this post. I think you are too hard on yourself, and that you are a loving and patient mom who expects a lot of herself. :)

  14. Many, many kudos on having patients and finding positive things in all that chaos!


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