Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween irritation

I'm mildly irritated at my husband.

Oh wait, let me start with, I love my husband.

But I'm mildly irritated with him. And if he's reading this he probably thinks it's because he called me a life long underachiever yesterday. He tried to take it back and said he was kidding but I know him....

He doesn't kid.

Perhaps I'll delve into the underachieving thing in a different post, this post really isn't about that, that's not why I'm irritated with him.

I'm irritated cause he wont go as Maverick for Halloween. I ask him every year and ever year its the same answer. Well not so much an answer more a glare that speaks volumes to me....

And makes me think I should sleep with one eye open if I press the subject.

You see, in case your new around here, my husband flies, and earlier on in his aviation days he got the classic bomber jacket, just like the one in Top Gun. He is in love with that jacket.

Me, not so much, but it would be PERFECT for Halloween.

Put on a white tee shirt, jeans, his aviator sunglasses, which I also could do without, and BAM, he's Maverick.

I really want to dress up the boys, one as Goose and the other as Iceman, I think these days Iceman would have to be Dash-2. How cute would the three of them be? I even said I'd get in on the action and go as Kelly McGillis' character.

But alas *sigh* it's a no. Dash-1 is going as, surprise surprise an astronaut for the third year in a row, and dash-2 is going as a Komodo dragon. No Maverick, Goose, or Iceman around here. Not this year.

Althought next year is a new year....


  1. OMG I can not see flyboy dressed up for halloween. But that would be a great picture

  2. At least you get to dress up dash three however you want.

    A lifelong underacheiver, huh? Perhaps he should sleep with one eye open. Or make it up to you by dressing as Maverick for Halloween.

  3. Dash-2 would totally make a sweet Iceman! Maybe when the boys are older they can talk him into it. :)

    Please post pics of the dragon costume! And make sure D-2 is hissing/growling/whatever in the pic. :-D

  4. Hmm..I have never ever seen Top Gun so I am slightly lost on this post.

  5. LOL At least you're asking him to dress as man! For years, I've been telling Stretch we should do Sonny & Cher (with him as Cher for obvious reasons). He won't even consider it! Such party-poopers!

  6. Maybe he will like it a little more once the boys get in on the idea. Plus, the boys could help you pester him! I can't wait to see pictures of the boys in their astronaut and dragon costumes.

    I need to hear how you are an underachiever. Guys and word vomit...they can't help it sometimes.

  7. I'm trying to guess WHY, and the only thing I can think of is that Maverick was Navy? heh.

  8. Dressing up as Maverick should get back a few of the points he lost for the underachiever remark!!

  9. Hi. I think that we have similar jacket at home too. My husband is still not decided what costume he will have on Halloween party. But the idea to be Tom Cruise in Top Gun is great I think. Now, I just have to persuade him to have this costume.

    Good luck,

  10. I have no idea what to do for halloween this year...I am sure we will come up with something.

    That would have been cool doing the top gun thing for you, but like you said, there is always next year.

  11. I think that is the greatest Halloween costume idea ever!! Why won't he jump on the banwagon...I mean he's the one who BOUGHT the jacket!


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