Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Well played murphy well played

Last time I returned home from a visit at my folks I had ants in my pants.

Or more specifically ants, TONS of them, in my underwear drawer after they found my stash of dash-2's potty treats, dum dum lollipops.

This time I thought I had a handle on things. I no longer keep any stashes of food in my underwear drawer and well, what else could go wrong. Ha, how stupid of me to even wonder. I returned home this afternoon to find it raining.


In case there is anyone out there who needs clarification, rain should be on the outside of ones house, not in their center hallway. And certainly not coming from a bathroom pipe by way of the ceiling.

Imagine my surprise as I drop the mail on the table only to notice simultaneously an odd musty smell and a strange whooshing sound.

Good times, good times.

More frustrations were piled on when you add in the following factors,
-of course flyboy is not around
-I skipped a shower this morning to take a nice refreshing one in my own shower this evening
-I don't have any water
-I couldn't go over to my friends house to shower as she so nicely offered because the "handyman" who was coming to check out the mess was 2 hours late
-dash-1 has school in the morning and then we must go to base to take care of tricare stuff so even if the water gets turned on before tomorrow night (which see below to see why it probably wont) I'll have to run my errands looking like a hot mess
and finally
-it would appear that we have the B team working on getting this mess fixed.

Really murphy, I'd rather have had the ants.


  1. Oh my word, I'm so sorry. I really hope that gets fixed ASAP - though not as much as you do, obviously!

  2. Murphy sucks, I hope it gets fixed ASAP!

  3. That sucks. I hope Murphy goes to visit on someone else soon. (Not me, knock on wood!)

  4. oh the B team....murphy really did stick it to you.....I hope it gets fixed soon....if not there is always that dry shampoo stuff....lol

  5. I'm sorry that really sucks. at least you have good landlords who will take care of you.

  6. UUUUGH!!! Murphy is being a total asshole! Here's hoping you get your shower as soon as possible, especially after a long car ride. Eek.

  7. I've had this happen. Ended up with a soaking wet living room and a hole in the ceiling. The living room was taken care of quickly but it took forever to get them to come back and fix the hole. Nothing creepier than a huge jagged hole in the ceiling.

  8. Well, at least it wasn't leaking thru the light fixture that was right over your bed. That happened to us in Monterey.

  9. Crap like this ALWAYS happens when the spouse is away. So sorry you have the B team working on this mess...I'll keep my fingers crossed that they get their acts together.

  10. Son of a @#$% ugh. Hope things get better. And SOON.

  11. so, that totally sucks. just another day in the life of that whole military family bit. of course it couldnt' happen when teh hubs is around. (would he have proven useful? mine probably would not have.)

  12. Oh, how I loathe Murphy. Sorry he gotcha so badly =(.


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