Sunday, October 4, 2009

How we have failed our child

I have something to admit. As parents obviously we have failed one of our children. If not then why would he be acting out in the way that he is.

We have a serious problem in the flyboy household and its with dash-2.

You see its football season and this house is firmly a Big Blue house. No doubt flyboy's blood runs bluer then mine, I mean I like Monday night football cause we order wings and pizza, but still I know who we are rooting for around here. Dash-2 it seems did not get the memo.

Dash-2 is.... and trust me I'm hanging my head in shame while I type this and admit this to the world, dash 2 is a... Jets fan.

I know, the Jets?! I suppose it could be worse he could be a patriots fan but really, the jets?!

Now to his defense his favorite color is green and well its just natural to like a green team if your favorite color is green and you're 2 1/2. But I will say when the giants and the jets played in the preseason and everyone was rooting for big blue except for one lone "big green" fan I do think a bit of flyboy died.

We've joked that our Christmas card picture should be all of us in our Giants jerseys and him in a Jets but neither one of us can bring ourselves to actually spend money on Jets apparel. Gives me the willies.

I see a lot of myself in little dash-2, in this case he sees how much his rooting for the Jets annoys his father so he keeps on keeping on. How do I know this.... I see the twinkle in his eye.

So maybe we haven't failed him as much as I thought we did but its still embarrassing.


  1. There is nothing wrong with being a Patriots fan! GO PATS! :)

  2. This sounds like something that would happen in my household!

  3. Aww. But you're supposed to make your mistakes when you're younger!

    That being said, me and my openly nerdy husband live in fear that our son will turn out to be a football playing, cheerleader chasing, school work scorning boy while we stand, glasses on and notebooks in hand, behind him, looking dazed.

  4. Cuuuuuute! I was brainwashed by my father. Here I am listening the Bears on the computer. It was a religion in our house :)

    P.S. My fantasy team needs to Jets to do well so keep cheering Dash-2!

  5. Listen, it could be worse. While everyone else is cheering for the giants (that is the blue one right? I could give a hoot about sports), he could be dancing with his barbie in a tutu. Yep, count your blessings.

  6. LT and I have shocked people by the mere fact that he's an Eagles fan and I'm a Steelers fan. Somehow we have made it through each fall, and even got engaged in November. What we will do with the children, I do not know.... But at least we're set for college football fandom -- they will be taught that Saturday is made for cheering for Penn State! :-D

  7. PS - Look for Jets stuff at Goodwill? That is a pretty funny Christmas card idea. :-D

  8. dash-2 seems to have a touch of the awnry in him....I think it makes for good family fun...a little ours My husband is a Redwings Fan..while I'm an Avs Fan....our son....will probably root for the flyers...

  9. My family is also a huge giants fan. When mike and i got married he was a cowboys fan well that lasted one football season before we got him on board with the rest of us now he is a Full out Giants Fan.

    A few years ago my uncle was over with my cousins i guess it was like 5 years ago anyway my cousin (5 at the time) announced to the family that he was an Eagles Fan. Thats right an Eagles fan and it was all because of their helmets. He has since come to his senses and i'm sure Dash 2 will to.

    Oh and i raelly want to do a giants christmas card

  10. My father would have disowned me if I was anything other than a Yankees/Giants fan. This is not an exaggeration.

    When he gets older, please please show Dash-2 the light and convert him.

  11. Hah! We've got a whole family--even extended family--full of University of fans, and two of my younger brothers have turned out to be freaks: State U fans. How could this have happened to us?! =)

  12. My husband is smiling because he is a die-hard Jets fan (and is actually wearing one of his eleventy million Jets t-shirts right now). I've gotten over the shame for the most part; at least the Jets are 3-1 this season!


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