Friday, October 9, 2009

It's that time of year

The Marine Corps birthday is coming up next month. *insert half hearted yah! here* I shouldn't be like that I should, Marines take the birthday serious. Meaning they wish every Marine happy birthday and drink like fishes.

But with the birthday comes.... the birthday ball.

We haven't been in a few years, this year flyboy will be around for it and so we're going. It will be nice to see the guys he works with, after all so much of the time they see more of him then I do. My parents will be coming up to babysit and it will be an evening free of mommy duties.

Until flyboy hits the bar, if Marines can do one thing, besides storm the beaches and secure freedom for the masses, its put away some boozes.

The thought of getting all dolled up and having a night out with my handsome husband in his blues with his rack of bling does give me the warm and fuzzies.

- and a side note here ladies- not to brag but he has a serious rack of ribbons, I looked into getting his medals mounted and it was just shy of a car payment. I married an overachiever, ironic since I'm cool with mediocrity.

Anyways back to my qualms with going?

Getting a dress. And a fear of leaking boob milk at during the ceremony or the dinner but I don't really think that I have to expound on that one too much. That one is pretty clear cut.

Sigh. I mean I just had a baby a little over a month ago. I want to go dress shopping like I want to go bathing suit shopping.

I'm fitting into most of my regular clothes but not my skinny regular clothes. I have a great dress I love from a couple years ago but when I had that dress I didn't have Dolly Parton's boobs.

That zipper is going to zip up about the same time that Obama invites Karl Rove for dinner. As in... no time soon.

That's the only old ball dress I have around so I need to go out shopping. I look forward to this about as much as I look forward to bathing suit shopping. I don't have a clue what dress size I'm going to be right now since the top half is a bit exaggerated right now. Well I do have some clue, I know what size I'm not.

The problem with having a baby is that everything kinda shifts around. And for a bit afterwards everything is all jello-ey. This does not make me look forward to what the weekend has in store for me.

I'm thinking I should go invest in some spanx......and some serious breast pads.


  1. Just remember that you can always get the dress altered to fit the big hooters. =)

  2. Spanx work wonders! I am sure you look amazing!! Don't stress and try to have some fun!

  3. Grab some spanx and an empire waist dress and you should be good to go. I have to say that I'm jealous though...since my hubby has been out of the Marines I miss the ball every year!

  4. Spanx. Just wear it to try on the dresses and you'll be good.

    When I was about 4 months preggo Paul graduated AIT and I wore my old formalish dress for the event not realising that my boobs had gone up two dress sizes. I looked rather like a hooker most of the night. I got cornered by one of Paul's boss's boss's boss and endured a 45 minute conversation about what to send in care packages. Learned my lesson. The girls don't get to party.

  5. I was just about to say getting a tummy tucker. Just be comfortable and have a good time. Everyone knows you just had a baby, I'm sure.

  6. Oh how I miss the Ball! We always had ours in Vegas though, we were out in 29 palms. It was quite the time, but yes there was a whole lot of drunken debauchery. Especially after the first desert deployment. We got a whole lot of stuff comped when we were out in force, men in their blues and us in our fancy gowns... I wouldnt want to dress shop now either though, the kids robbed the boobs and now they are no more. Life is unfair I say. Stock up on the bamboo nursing pads (extra absorbant) find a hot black dress, and knock his socks off. I bet you will have loads of fun. I am sure a break to pump would be required, but hey, thats how it goes, right?!

    Best wishes for the occasion!

  7. I had some of those rubber like nursing pads, and they were great. I couldn't soak through them and if I did leak, it would just stay contained. Good luck, and I love spanx!

  8. First things first - have fun!

    And 2nd - here's a link to the breastpads I have not leaked through EVER! 3 babies later, these are the only ones that I didn't leak through. If I did leak its because I'd had them in for days ... which isn't what we're talking about. LOL.

    3rd - I bought myself a pair of medium WalMart brand spanx - they go from the tops of my knees to the bottom of my bra - which means that there is NOWHERE for my flabby tummy, love handles, and saggy tush to spill. They work wonders and I LOVE them. I wear them with anything fitted, jeans, my bridesmaid dress, etc... Wish I could wear it with my bathing suit. Ha! I'll just never swim again...

    I used to work at David's Bridal, but unless you live in Rochester, NY I can't recommend anyone who would actually "take care of you". LOL :) We used to get girls coming in for the Marine Corp Ball though...

    Anyways - I'd steer away from empire waist if you still have some saggy tummy happening. Unless your boobs are enough of a shelf to hang the dress from if you know what I mean. I usually stay away from empire since it makes me feel 5m pregnant. Ik. I've just done that, so NO THANKS!

    Strapless dresses are great, ruching (gathers and pleats across the waist) accentuate your waist while hiding :mess:. A-line dresses are the BEST on every figure. There's always the Trapese neck - which would keep 'dem hooters indoors. Stay away from dresses that have a sleeve that goes over the edge of your shoulder in a solid piece since it makes your boobs look bigger. (Think a tank dress that has almost a cap sleeve).

    Oh, and if you have the $$ to invest, a longline bra is the best way to keep the ladies where there supposed to be - longline being, a corset bra.

    Hope that's helpful information! :)

  9. (Susie is the best, isn't she!!)

    Spanx it up! I totally understand, though. Shopping after having a baby... kinda like torture. The full length, multiple mirrors thing was no good. No good at all.

    I hope you find just the perfect dress and have the best time with out your husband!


  10. You can always wait till the last second and run to Woodbury in hopes of finding something! With all those stores you're guaranteed to find the perfect dress! And of course we'll all want to see what you pick! :)

  11. Hope your able to find a dress you like! I'm sure you'll look great!

  12. Spanx are the BEST! Go with a dress with a wrap-type top with some ruching, it's so forgiving. A fabric that's not to thin will help too. (don't go with empire...people see EVERYTHING in those)I agree with Susie, sry Mandy!

    Oh, those military boys and their booze. Not even worth fighting them over it.

  13. The Marine Corps birthday is also my anniversary... in case you were wondering... which I'm sure you werent, but hey - now you know. ;-)

    I don't blame you for your non-interest in dress shopping. I don't enjoy it much, myself... but at least you'll get to stare at your overachiever in his hot outfit all night. That was the best part about the AF Ball last month, for me, for sure!! And I can NEVER get enough of that. I'm SO glad they make those pants fit them as well as they do...


    Moving on... hope you find something awesome!!!

  14. Oh thank you for reminding me! I will not venture to Downtown San Diego again this year on the Birthday.I did that lastyear, and between all the fights, drunk guys, setting a car on fire, and girls crying and or puking outside of the bar, it was not a fun night. lol

  15. Good luck finding a dress! I'm sure you'll find a dress you look awesome in :)

  16. I went to a Birthday Ball 6 weeks after my first baby so I feel your pain. I had no clue what my size was, and to add insult to injury, I had to drive about an hour and a half to get to any decent stores with Ball dresses. I found a very forgiving dress that is still one of my favorites (9 years later). Get a body shaper to keep all the loose bits in (I'd go with one that looks like a one-piece swimsuit so there aren't any issues of rolling up or down!) and definitely stock your cute handbag with lots of nursing pads!

    But mainly... HAVE FUN!


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