Friday, October 23, 2009

2mth appt, sidenotes, retirees, and being "that mom"

I was "that mom" today. Of course the more and more I go thru life I'm coming to the realization that I'm usually always "that mom".

And for those of you who aren't in the know, "that mom" is the mom with the semi-crazed children who often looks mildly flustered.

Dash-3 had his 2 mth apt (he has another week and a half till he's really 2 mths but hey you go when you go) and then dash-1 had a follow up apt so we were at the hospital for close to two hours. How long can small kids behave at the doctors (or anywhere for that matter) let me clue you in.... two hours is about an hour and some past the mark.

oh side note! (my children's lack of attention is rubbing off on me)

Guess who is 11 lbs 4 oz and a whooping 24 inches? And smiling real smiles, not just fart smiles?
If you guessed this little cutie you would be correct.

He is long and lean, by far our longest child, in fact he's almost three inches longer then both his brothers were at this point. Perhaps there will be a dash brother on the basketball court.

Any who the point to my ramble. So we did the doctors, then we hit the px, then we grabbed lunch, then we hit the commissary. And I was that mom. And there were moments that they were those kids.

And then I met a lovely retiree at the commissary who made me feel better.

Oh another side note, its come to my attention that there are two kinds of retirees at the commissary.

Those who make nasty faces at us moms wrangling kids, often without another parent around to give us a break.

Yes our kids might be loud, yes they might be "those kids" from time to time, but WE ARE TIRED, cut us a little slack. And I've also noticed that those are the same people who cart hog the aisle. Sorry that was a side note in a side note.

And then the other retirees are the ones who smile and say very grandmotherly (or grandfatherly) "don't worry, they are little ones, they are being good, I remember those days" etc.

Well I came across both sets today. The first annoyed me because I couldn't see over the baby seat in the cart so I might have hit their cart. Hey I apologized.

But the other retiree more then made up for it. Dash-2 darted out of the aisle and almost became a cart casualty, he very patiently stood there while dash-2 was frozen in place and I tried pulling him with me to the line. And then the man said, "I don't know how my wife did it while I was away."


A retiree who remembers that back in the day they were in our shoes.

So yeah, today I was "that mom" and there were times when my kids were "those kids" but I'm working on not being so hard on myself and on my kids. There will be those who look at me with disgust and those who look at me with the ability to remember when (or pity, I'm cool with pity if it means they wont call cps).

With three of them and one of me, being "that mom" is becoming a permanent state. But you know what? Motherhood still rocks.


  1. booyeah! that are good kids. And I can totally imagine D-2 standing frozen in front of a cart teehee! But there's one thing you didn't mention -- did he growl? :-p

    Dash-3 is looking so damn cute... now I'm sad that I didn't steal him from you. :)

  2. You do make very cute babies!

    What does it say, though, about "the life", when I read your heading and automatically assumed that "2mnt apt" stood for "2 months apart" ?

  3. Iwas "that mom" today too! My oldest had dermatology appt for a mole. B/c the peds office hadn't gotten their act together and sent the referral over, we weren't seen for an hour past the appt time (waiting on said referral which I had to call and ask for TWICE while waiting). And then of course the long-@ss wait in the exam rm where a nurse and a PA looked at my child before the Dr. ever made an appearance, which lasted maybe 3 minutes. Just so I could get yet another referral to yet another specialist. The whole thing took 2 hours, which was about 1-1/2 hours too long, for the kids and for me!

  4. I have civilian land. Have I mentioned that?

  5. EVen though you say they were a little crazy, you seemed to get a lot done today! I seem to only be able to go to one, maybe two places when I'm out with the baby...and I just have one...good for you!

  6. #3 is my biggest, too! And boy do I miss the infant stage. I know I sound like a crazy person, and maybe I am, but when #3 walks by and says, "Howchy Tap!" (aka holy crap) I get little reminiscent.

  7. Awww... yay for that man recognizing that his wife may have really struggled at home while he struggled away from home!

    And you know what scares me about having children... my brother was pretty much the same size your Dash-3 is right now! He was 11lbs 3 3/4 oz and 23 inches long when he was born (I was 9lb 14 oz). But that's not the worst... my GRANDPA was 13lbs when he was born. Ugh... childbirth frightens me.

    BTW... your kids are all SO adorable!

  8. I hear you, loud and clear, over the screaming. :)

  9. You got a lot done today it sounds like.

    And a side note on a side note on your blog... I HATE cart hoggers. They drive me bananas!

    Also, I'm having a giveaway on my site for a children's book.

  10. You are that mom. You are that kick ass mom who keeps herself together while her husband is away.

    Me on the other hand, I am that mom that almost got hit on the head with a fold up tinkerbell chair by her 4 year old then almost broke her ankle on a toy trying to stop the chair from doing damage that may have sent her to the hospital. Then i would have been that mom who dragged her 2 kids to the ER at 8 oclock (at least i live across the street)

    We need a break

  11. I love when you get the grandparent types! I was at lowes letting E walk around at the self checkout. She was wandering a little far away and this cute old great grandfather type asked her to come to him and picked her up. If he had been my age, that would have been scary, but at his age it was so cute and sweet!

  12. You are that mom that rocks. :) Seriously, you vs. 3 boys - they should give medals for that. And that little sucker has a killer smile! Watch out, ladies!

  13. Oh and because I can't help myself, it should be appt, not apt. Technically, you said 2 month apartment.

    You're welcome. :D

  14. Awwww, yay for the retiree who got it! =)

  15. Too cute, too cute! I am diggin' that little smile!

    I've been that mom, a lot more now with Daniel deployed. And my kids (especially the male child) have been "those" kids. But I love them, Daddy loves them, and they are generally happy and upstanding citizens.
    I give the first brand of retirees the evil eye because, seriously, take a walk in my shoes! It ain't always pretty and rarely is it easy!
    But, I love my life :)



  16. Haha, if it makes you feel better, my mom was definitely THAT mom. All three of us are close in age and caused quite a bit of trouble. She now has three pretty good adult children and is enjoying life!

    I think you are doing a great job though :)

  17. What a cutie!!!

    It "that mom" means a woman that get sso much done with 3 little ones and you all come home in one piece than "that mom" is pretty impressive!

  18. I'm glad you didn't just run into the nasty retirees... that would be really obnoxious!

  19. It's okay to be "that guy" ever so often :)
    Everyone else does it :)
    I notice you often pat yourself on the back when a retiree sympathizes. You should pat yourself more often than this! You are pretty amazing to deal with so much on your own. Don't wait for just the old folks to notice :)

    D3 is looking cuter than ever. HOpe you are feeling better and doing well. Please send pics of the new dress! I want to see what you went with!

    Miss you lots in Merryland.

  20. Dash 3 is a cutie. And you're not "that mom", because you even said it yourself, when there was even a possibility that you accidentally hit somebody with the cart, you apologized.

    If you were "that mom" you wouldn't have even cared.

    You do the best you can, and that's all you need to do.


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