Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I met someone

I had a bit of a first date yesterday.

Of course it was a first date that included my three kids, boob milk, a hole in the ceiling, and a slightly less then clean handyman "fixing" the before mentioned hole in the wall.

Its a good thing dates didn't go like this before I was married, I don't think that marriage would have happened.

Anyways, I met someone, someone special, not like the"Chris Matthews tingle up my leg" special but special none the less. It was.... LOQUITA! Another Marine wife blogger for those of you who aren't in the know. She was around about the area, give or take a few hours, so she stopped in for a visit.

It's always nice to meet someone who's life you read about and vice versa. I mean shoot, some of you know way more about me then some of my family members. And its especially doubly nice when she happens to be another Marine wife, its not like we grow on trees around here. Her blog was one of the first that I started reading online, back when she was dating her husband and it was set up more as letters to him.

I could relate to so much of what she was writing at the time, relationships aren't always smooth but rather more like a river, sometimes smooth as glass, sometimes bumping and crashing around rocks. And she put it out there. I admire that.

And yesterday she showed up in my driveway.

We had a nice visit, we hung out, did some ball shopping (flyboy's flight got pushed back a day so he did bedtime duty and we went out! and I bought a dress!) had a peaceful dinner, took the boys on a walk to crunch leaves, oh and visited Target.

Nothing in life is complete without a visit to target. Nothing.

But I'll tell you some of the things that she wont... because I'm honest like that. Remember the whole pledge to be more honest thing?

Loqui was very polite and while I'm she said she'd blog about meeting I'm sure she'll leave some details out that I'll clue you in on....

*my kids were just a smidgen away from being total demons.

Dash-2 warmed up and was cute and cuddly when not taking dash-1's lead or when he wasn't having a meltdown in Target because I wouldn't buy him a toy, but dash-1.... wowza. You know how kids like to "show off" when someone new is around? Well I was hoping that he would go for standing on his head repeating the alphabet backwards but he decided to go a different route....being mouthy and apparently deaf to my voice. Really, he's adorable. I swear.

And tomorrow going up on Ebay.

* My sweet baby boy has baby acne. Little red bumps all over his adorable little cheeks.

* I look chubby in my ball dress. Since both flyboy and loquita said no to pants suits I found a dress which is lovely and hides and camouflages some. Except. Except my flabby arms. I know she's far to polite to let that secret out.

* She bought two dresses for the ball, I'm hoping she goes with the one sleeved "bat dress". Its wicked hot and she can pull it off, especially with a sleek ponytail or something like that. She'll try to tell you that she cant, but she can. Damn her cross fitting ass.

* I am a totally skatter brained mom. I forgot a couple times what I was saying mid sentence (of course being long winded doesn't help, she wont tell you that either) and take forever to motivated enough to get out of the house.

* I am not above sometimes plying my kids with a snack here or there to get some damn quiet. Of course maybe this is why they are demonic and don't listen... perhaps I should further investigate this....

* My chocolate chip cookies were flat. (Hmmm, the chocolate chip cookies might be contributing to flabby arms. This too may call for further investigation, or on second thought.... I'll just play dumb.)

Sweet Jesus, my kids don't listen, my arms are flabby, my cookies are flat, and my baby has zits. I know all you bloggers out there are dying to have your turn meeting me.

Though, really, all kidding aside (although the above bullet points are indeed fact) it was great to get to put a face to the writing Loquita. I really think you should skip having Thanksgiving at Camp Swampy and freeze your duff off at your parents (who live rather close to flyboy's parents).

And I'm not just saying that because I have to go suffer at my inlaws and would kill to have a distraction planned and meet up out yonder. Really, you need cold 'burgh weather for it to be a real thanksgiving.... I'm just saying....


  1. Well, the real deal is the best, I say.

    I am sure that she loved hanging out with you. It sounded like a blast and a half to me...

    Being rather partial to cookies, I'd eat 'em puffy, just right, or flat with you any day!


  2. It sounds like a good visit all around. Demonic kids, flat cookies, flabby arms and all.

    And I never blogged about Isaac's baby acne but he had it bad. Like down to his chest and on his arms. He also had craddle cap down through his eyebrows but they both receeded pretty quickly. Still has craddle cap, though. I hope your dash 3 doesn't get that and the acne goes away super fast.

    You're right. You always need a trip to target.

  3. I'm just going to come right out and say it. I'm jealous. Of both of you.

    I'm sure it was a great visit and glad you gals had fun!

  4. Oh how fun! I have been about 2 seconds from meeting her at least twice now. I used to go to philly for work and 2 times worked 5 minutes from her house. And loqui has so many sisters and nieces/nephews I'm sure she didn't even blink about demonic kids.

  5. Hi. This reminds me situation in our family when children were small. When you needed them to be honeys they were small devils and vice versa. However, we have a lot of great memories and each time our whole family is together, like during Thanksgiving, we have a lot of fun thinking back old times.

    Good luck,

  6. Loved this post! I bet you and Loqui had tons of fun, even with the demonic kids :)

  7. I have to say I'm jealous. I love your chocolate chip cookies. Plus its been awhile since we have had dinner without the kids

  8. Sounds like a fun time!!
    Yay for you getting out for "you" time :)

    Send pics of the dress, I wanna see :)

  9. I'm jealous! Sounds like a good time, tho', demon-kids or not. Oh, yes, and post a pic of the dress!

  10. favorite line: "Damn her cross fitting ass."

  11. Is your baking soda or baking powder old? I can't remember which one makes the cookies rise, but one of them does and if it's old, no rising.

    Baby acne is a bummer. Want to know how to make it go away? Cortizone 10. Worked on both mine. My baby book I got from my daughter's doc from the APA said that in severe cases the doc with prescribe cortizone. So, forget that...I'll just use cortizone 10. Works wonders!

    And crossfitting people make me jealous. John actually said he'd do it with me all the sudden. jerk.

  12. Personally, I like the flat, gooey cookies as opposed to puffy, cakey ones.

    You are THE honest mommy! :) Thanks for being so transparent.

  13. Oh, fun =). I want to meet blog friends in real life! Glad you guys had a good time.


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