Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Surely I am not the only one

Surely I am not the only person in the world today who....

- walked out of the house today wearing slippers rather then shoes.
{To my defense however, they are very comfy land's ends ones that look like clogs... and I did notice my mistake and run back into the house to get some flip flops.}

-was called a butt head or a poop a ticked off four year old at the doctors office.... in front of a group of wounded warriors.
{at least I can tell myself I helped to put a smile on their face.}

- kids pick their nose.
{however I probably am the only person who has a son who, when asked by the doctor to let her look in his nose replied, "it's all clean, I picked the boogers out yesterday." so proud. so very proud I am}

-who has uttered the following phrases today: "the toilet is not a toy" "get out of the sink have you lost your mind" "no I don't want to make my belly button talk" and my favorite "if you weren't so cute I'd put you up on ebay"
{now to their defense, the toilet does seem like a cool toy I mean it has a handle and makes wicked cool tornadoes of water, he was standing in the sink to reach his toothbrush, I was the one who first started the belly button talking thing, and well I'm pretty sure I wouldn't really put them up on ebay. Craigslist is probably the way to go for that.}

-who's house is being over run by lady bugs.
{I don't care that if you see one they mean good luck or anything cute or charming like that. One may mean that 86 does not. And I don't care if this is just some natural thing that happens around here this time of year. And I don't care that this is the worst its been in decades. I don't care about any of that. It's freaking me out. bottom line.}
-who spent ALL of last night bouncing back and forth between a kid with an asthma flare up, a newborn, and just a cute bone head who kept getting tangled up in his blankets.
{there is no further explanation on this one. Asthma sucks, especially at night, newborns need to eat and sometimes just can't get back to sleep, and the bone head... well he's a bone head, but a very cute one. Ha look, wordy as I am I found a way to further explain.}

-is counting down to bedtime tonight!
{now this one really doesn't need any explanation just an AMEN.}

-is missing her husband
{and while slightly bitter that he only worked TWO hours yesterday out yonder, I am thankful for all he does for us and know that he is missing us too. Ok maybe not so much at night. I can't blame him for that}


  1. I haven't yet had to say "the toilet is not a toy" but I have had to say "I am not a toy." It's pretty close to "no, I don't want to make my belly button talk." That's pretty much a daily conversation in this house. And I don't have any kids.

  2. We were in the ER all night with Cayleigh-Grace and there were two small kids that came in with bad Asthma flare ups.

  3. HA!!!!! im sooo glad I am not the only one whos kids ask me to make my belly button talk! LOL! sheesh, dont they know that they caused the talking belly button in the first place?!?!?! LOL!

  4. I laughed super hard when I read what your son said to the doctor about his nose. I hope the doctor had a good laugh.

  5. I look forward towards those days... they're almost here.. I just know it!

  6. If it makes you feel any better, today I took the Captain out front because she was screaming and the outside means fun! even though it was raining, I thought we could stand on the porch and maybe she'd get distracted and shut up, and when I opened the door, a cat darted off the front step. I didn't have shoes on, so I took off my socks and ran into the driveway to see if I could find the cat...while still holding the baby. And totally got busted by my neighbor, who wanted to know what the hell I was doing. Of course by then the cat was nowhere to be seen.

  7. If one more person complains about the lady bugs i'm gunna scream LOL JK.

    I love the booger story on Dash 1 would say that.

    I went shopping in my slipper once i didnt realize it till i was half way there

    And i counted down till bedtime tonight and miss my husband to. he missed yet another birthday :(

    Give me a call tomorrow i miss you

  8. I have walked out of the house pre-baby wearing some around the yard clogs instead of my work shoes ... I was a good mile away before realizing and turning around. Oops! LOL And my mom has that yearly lady bug experience too. While they might be cute and better than having ants, still quite freaky I agree.

    I am 100% with you on counting down to bedtime. Been doing that all week. Although, I wish it meant sleep. *sigh* Between a head cold and my 3 month old (who seems intent on keeping me up), I've been a zombie for days. :P


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