Friday, July 16, 2010

What I love

So I did a pet peeve post which probably left everyone thinking I was some cranky mccrankster {which may not always be that far off} and then I did my big singulair post, which is a must read, all be it a kinda scary must read.

Things need to lighten up around here. Wouldn't you agree?

Without further ado I present, the things I love, aka "the-things-if-I-had-to-go-without-my-head-would-probably-explode-and-I-would-be-divorced-and-in-jail-because-I-sold-my-kids-on-ebay" list.


First on the list and most obvious to anyone who knows me
Flyboy isn't a soda guy so he doesn't understand my strong {moderately unhealthy} obsession with this nectar of the Gods. It's just delightful. All fizzy and yummy. And none of that diet crap, which is why I'm cutting back to one a day. Quite a testiment in restraint I think.

I don't smoke, I don't drink, I like me my coca cola. That's my vice. When my kids stress me out or life tosses too much crap my way a nice cold coke {fountain preferably} helps to correct all that is wrong in the world.

Really we should all try it. Maybe that's what the middle east peace process is missing?

And don't try to slip a Pepsi in there. I can tell. And I will hunt you down.


Second which has to do very much with the first is Sonic Happy Hour Deeeeelightful fountain sodas. Just the right amount of ice and soda in a Styrofoam cup that doesn't sweat even when its 103 degrees.

{Yeah that's right Al Gore I said I like me my Styrofoam, you're a perv and I like Styrofoam guess which one of us is a yuckier human being? I'll give you a hint its not me.}

And half price. I'm getting a bargain and a soda. LOVE IT!


Third on the list flip flops. I have quite a selection of flip flops and I love them all. But these little industrial ones hold a special place, nice and simple and comfy enough to wear as you walk around disney world.

Yes folks, I did a week at disney world, pregnant, in the summer, in flip flops. These flip flops.If I could I would I would wear them year round, but sadly the foot of snow on the ground for five months makes that a bit impossible. So as a rule once the snow starts piling up till right about when the last snow piles melt I put the flip flops away. And then I get sad.

But right now its flip flop weather so I am staying positive.


Number four on the list would have to be the crazy stuff that comes out of my kids' mouths. Really its almost enough to make me forget when they call me a poophead or tell me that I'm the worst mom ever.

{Attn: all you other moms out there, give it up, I have it on good authority that I am in fact the worst mom ever, in case your curious why, I make them make their beds. Awful. Someone report me.}

Just the other day I caught dash-2 getting ready to sink his teeth into dash-1. He's fancy's himself a bit of a vampire apparently, but as I gave him that look and asked if he was about to bite someone he corrected me.

"I wasn't going to bite I was just putting my teeth on his arm."

Oh well in that case. In a matter of seconds my kiddos can make me laugh, even when I should be the adult and not give in but really. Sometimes its' just too hard.


Number five: comments.

I write for myself, yes yes I do, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't like comments.

I mean I can do without the nasty ones that ask me if I think I'm really going to change someone's opinion, I'm obviously simple minded {ha if only they knew} and a mean hearted shrew.

I don't get those comments often, in fact they are pretty rare {thanks uniform purse post}. Mostly I get really funny, nice comments out there. Either sharing a story of their own, commiserating with me, or just letting me know that they read the post.

Comments are nice. Comments with an email attached to them so I can reply to you guys are even better.

Number six is my dear, sweet, beloved

Yeah that's right. I would use quite a few of the same adjectives to describe my blackberry that I use to describe my babies.

I double, no triple, heart my blackberry. I get my emails right away {which means I get my blog comments right away}, I got my ubertwitter on there, flyboy and I can text away, the internet is where ever I need it. Oh and it's a phone too.

And it doesn't talk back. EVER.

Really I don't know what I would do without it. Now I email from where ever whenever there is a quiet moment. FabUlous.

There they are.... some of my happy things. See even this heartless shrew has things she loves. And I didn't even touch on my kids and flyboy because well, those are just obvious.

What do you love?


  1. *gasp* I'm a mean hearted shrew too! WIth coca cola!

    I love this post.

  2. I love Sonic Happy Hour too! Since I discovered it, I've been trying a new drink each time :)

  3. We don't have a sonic! I'm jealous. Is the ice that tiny in the coke drinks?? It looks amazing. I think I am drooling.

    Now....what do I love??


  4. Coke, Happy Hour, and crazy things kids doesn't get much better than that! I would agree on the blackberry until my ball shattered and then I got an iPhone. Love this post! I may have to steal this idea sometime!

  5. SUCH a huge difference between Coke and Pepsi... I don't believe the nay-sayers are even human who think they're inter-changeable. Madness.

  6. I'm drinking an ice cold coca cola right now. :)

  7. That post cracked me up!

    I love having a normal weekend where I can spend the whole thing on a mini vacation with P. I love getting that random "I love you" text from him. I love hearing kitty snores coming from under the bed, because they think if they hide there, I won't notice that they're actually in my room. Oh and I love emails from one of my best friends, telling me about the amazingly romantic things her new beau is doing, because seeing her happy makes me really happy.

    And I agree-- coke not pepsi. P is drinking the diet crap and it makes me want to gag.

  8. I love Coke Slurpees on my way home from work on a REALLY hot Friday afternoon with my windows open.

    I love turning on my space heater at work even in the summertime.

    I love laying in my bed on a Saturday afternoon and watching Lifetime and not caring that "it's a BEAUTIFUL DAY OUT!" It's a beautiful day inside too.

    I love listening to the same song on repeat for weeks at a time because it makes me happy.

    I love doodling all over post it notes. Sometimes I find a word that is fun to write and I write it over and over.

    **Today is one of those Slurpee Friday Afternoons and tomorrow is one of those Lifetime Saturdays. All is good in my book.

  9. I love cheese! :-)

    Oh and sunshine.

    And I'm right there with you on the flip flops, my dream is to live in Hawaii and own a million pair! If you haven't ever tried them, my favorite are by Reef... "Sandy" is the style. I have actually walked 5 miles in them in one shot.

  10. Hello . . . checking in on one of my favorite blogs . . . you know what I love? I love that you are a mom and write about your mistakes or not so wonderful parenting moments . . . nice to know I'm not the only "mom of the year" out here in blog world!

    Oh and I love me some Vanilla Coke and Dr. Pepper! And in 2 days ate a whole package of Double Stuff Oreos . . . didn't know I loved them that much!

    Number 1 love: TRAVEL!!!!!!

  11. I get excited every single time I see you have a new post. It is always one of the first things I read in the morning (btw - it is morning here now!)

  12. I thought I was the worst mom ever (so said my neighbor! And I don't mean her 4 year old!) because I make my {almost} 5 year old make her bed, empty HER bathroom trash, and take the cans and bottles and papers out to the garage for recycling! And I wouldn't let her play outside until it was done.

    Oh how I love me a good fountain coke! Wendy's has the best, too bad it costs so much more than the 1/2 price happy hour.

  13. I am just getting into Sonic. Yummy! Boys are so cute :)

  14. I love me some Coke as well. I bought a two-liter the other day and my husband HID it from me because he says it isn't good for me. I almost got violent.

  15. I like pepsi diet pepsi, its the only soda i will drink and i prefer it out of a freshly opened can. Damn now i want one.

    What gets me through is venting to you. You seem to be the only person who I can vent to about my husband and not judge him bc I'm in a bad mood.

    BTW I dont comment a lot bc I find it annoying to sign in. Can I change that??

  16. My life revolves around Sonic Happy Hour...the best thing to happen to the fast food business!


I'm not going to lie... I live for comments. Nice ones that is.