Saturday, July 24, 2010

pretty in pink

A diaper bag pack: one large zipper bag and two matching burp cloths in a fabulous pink print.

A fantastic gift for a mom or mom to be.

Add a pack of wipes, diaper cream, hand sanitizer {actually toss in two of those} and a pack of baggies to toss away stinky diapers. It comes packed nicely in a cellophane bag just waiting for someone to spit up on them!


  1. Kinda makes me wish I had something to put diapers on. =)

  2. The burp cloths are really awesome! Your mom sent me 2 and I love them! I also have been able to fit sanitizer, wipes, 4 dipes and an extra onesie in the large zipper bag...Seriously, great!

  3. Y'all need to take a look at Blue Bird...I received a quilted service star today...I LOVE's absolutely amazing...We've decided to frame this one and give it to my MIL, and order another in the future for <3 with the shop!!

  4. This would make such a great gift!


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