Sunday, July 25, 2010

The most amazing mascara ever! and more on etsy

I have to share my new find with you all. I'd share it with flyboy when he returns but seeing as though its new mascara he's probably not going to give a rats ass. And that's putting it mildly.

Quite frankly y'all might not care either but this stuff is amazing. I must share. I am bound by some amazing makeup ethics to share. So share I will.

My marine wife bff on twitter shared this with me when I asked for any sensitive eye mascara recommendations.

My eyes are really sensitive. I'm usually good with mascara for about an hour or two before my eyes get red and I start to look like a red eyed freak. It's ugly folks. Real ugly.

I'm not a big makeup person but I do *puffy heart* mascara. So I went out the next day to find what she recommended..... click here {I'm on my mom's macbook and I can't find the saved image}

It's not quite a traditional mascara it calls itself liquid falsh eyelashes, I mean it goes on the same but it has a lighter feel on your lashes. They aren't all yucky and gunky, they are just smooth and long. Really long. And not an itch or tingle to my darling little peepers.

And in case your wondering I've worn it at the pool all week and no raccoon eyes.

Now it is a little pricey, 29 bucks for the set, but well, well, well worth it. Run don't walk to Sephora and pick some up {and did you know JC Penny's has Sephora in them?}.


Oh and more on etsy!

Check out what's new to Blue Bird Crafting! Isn't this airplane fabric adorable?


  1. I love Fiberwig!! I bought it in Japan when it wasn't available here in the states!! Long sexy lashes for sure!

  2. YUM. I just wish I could fit that into our budget. I'll save that to my future to-bye list for sure! <3

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