Wednesday, July 14, 2010

the morst expensive dollar

Dash-1 is very excited that the tooth fairy came last night and left him 4 quarters.

He is unaware that that is one of the most expensive dollars I've ever spent. EVAHHHH!

To get that 1 dollar from the tooth fairy {aka mom and dad} mommy and daddy had to spend:

-2 THOUSAND dollars for the dentist and the anesthesiologist
-7.99 for the shirt that was someone bled on in recovery
-10 dollars on some flying airplane toy thingy as his reward for being so good
-8 dollars on get well balloons

So to get that one stinkin dollar we had to spend $2025.99.

And the worst part? The damn tooth fairy gets credit for the one dollar.


  1. Eventually he'll appreciate you for that one dollar ;)

  2. That is one pricey dollar! I'm glad Dash-1 was thrilled with it, though. Best wishes for his smooth recovery; I know oral surgery is no picnic.

  3. Your tooth fairy is much better than the one at our house!!!! She was very lazy and sometimes did not make it to the house for several nights!!! Hope all is well with Dash-1

  4. *sigh. Stupid tooth fairy and stealing all of your hard earned credit. That's JUST like an imaginary buzzball to take the glory. UGH!

  5. I miss the days where a dollar would get you 100 tootsie rolls, and when you where rich if you had four quarters.

    Thats probably the the most expensive dentist bill i've seen too. wow.

  6. Oh man, that's pricey! Someday he'll thank you for it.... ? :)

  7. That was one expensive tooth!!! Don't you hate crappy mil dental insurance!!

  8. Whoa! Please tell me that wasn't your co-pay!

  9. Oh geeze. Tricare dental sucks!

  10. How's he doing?

    Hope everything is going "smoothly".

  11. that is an expensive dollar... I'm sure my parents can relate- when I was a kid, I had 16 of my baby teeth pulled, it sucked, but there was always balloons, icecream from the other side of town, and since the teeth were pulled, each tooth was worth a dollar! Hope he feels better soon!


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