Thursday, July 29, 2010

KIDStrong Giveaway

My children have inherited a trait of mine, besides blue eyes and the desire to backtalk.... the need for constant hydration.

I drink more then a... well... whatever animal is known for drinking a lot. I'm too lazy to google to find out. But I'm betting there is one.

And now I have given birth to little versions of me.

I know as a mom I should say, "oh they don't drink juice I would never serve that, they only drink water", but guess what? They drink juice. In fact they drink a lot of juice and not as much water. So sue me. {its watered down juice does that help my case?}

KIDStrong Products emailed me to see if I would be interested in reviewing on of their kids drinks and I jumped on the chance. Who better to test it then my little {insert thirsty animal from above here}?

In the interest of full disclosure I should tell you that dash-1 wouldn't touch the stuff. Why you ask? Because he had never had it before. He's less of a picky eater and more of a familiar eater so honestly I didn't expect him to try it. It took him 4 months to try a new juice box, and I didn't think I had 4 mths to do this review.

Dash-2 was all over them. Especially the grape.

He loved that they looked like a real big kid drink I put in a straw for him and he sucked the grape down.

And I waited for a really good time to test it out, it was 103 degrees, actually it was a heat wave that had temps over 100 for four days in a row. Unheard of up here.

My kids were soaking wet after five minutes of play outside so I knew that he needed something a little extra then just water.

I checked out the info they sent me and after reading what they had to say I was interested in testing them out.
  • All-natural
  • No artificial flavors, colors, or sweeteners
  • Preservative-free
  • Low in sugar
  • Low glycemic index complex carbohydrate blend
  • Optimal electrolyte profile
  • Power-packed with 22 vitamins, minerals, and nutrients
  • Scientifically formulated for kids’ hydration and energy

There are some that poo poo anything besides water for kids. I poo poo them. Giving my kids healthy alternatives is hardly akin to giving them a cold frosty soda. {Although I do love cold soda my kids are touching one for years}

These drinks would be perfect after sweating buckets at the park. And when I think about all the sugary drinks filled with food coloring that the little one's on dash-1 teeball team drank in the dugout my stomach turns.

They met my main criteria for drinks, no food coloring {nasty chemicals that can really affect behavior}, low in sugar {sugar shouldn't be an enemy, moderation is key}, and some good stuff!

Oh and it passed the taste test!

And lucky lucky someone! KIDStrong is giving someone, some lucky someone, 2 CASES! Perfect for the end of summer and sports in the fall!

To enter:
-leave a comment about who would be consuming these drinks {its ok to say you or to win them for someone else's kids}

for extra entries {and leave a comment PER entry!}
-tweet a link to this post
-blog about this giveaway

The giveaway will be open till Tuesday


  1. Oh these look great! Both of my boys would try these and I hope they would like them :)

  2. My little one will not drink water and it's hard finding a good substitute. I'm sure she would love to try these :)

  3. um, me - during labor - so really, my youngest :-p

  4. Ooh! I'd totally give that to my son. We are water drinkers. And juice drinkers. And anything liquid drinkers. (Texas heat, ya know.)

  5. Count me in! London would love these. He is a big drinker (and not so much of a eater) so I am always looking for other options than just apple juice and water!

  6. I've got three thirsty kids that would love them!

  7. I tweeted too....or I am about to.

  8. My almost 5 year old! She likes to drink almost about everything! And they would be perfect for her lunchbox for school!!!

  9. My son, JP, would LOVE these!

  10. TYler and Landon would LOVE this stuff!!!

  11. Those look awesome! My 4 year old would love them for sure! Maybe me too.

  12. I dont give my girls much water either shame on me but they just waste it but i water down the juice (that counts) I would love for them to try these and I agree with you about the sugary sports drinks, Madeline only drinks water when she plays sports

  13. The drinks sound great! I'd give them to the family of our flower girl and her little brother, they're 5 and 2. :-)


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