Sunday, July 18, 2010

to do- updated again {maybe if I worked instead of updating I'd do more}

So I thought I would make up a list of things to do this weekend and then just plow thru it and feel the relief as I marked things off.



Let me tell you I spent all day yesterday doing something, just from looking at my list I'm not sure what the hell it was. But dammit I'll have you know I was doing something. And it was work.

So the list lives on. Here goes part 2.

To do:
-finish all laundry {including folding and putting it away} I am making progress.

-clean the kitchen counters DONE!

-wipe down the kitchen cabinets Can you believe I conquered this seemingly unattainable task? You have to understand something like wiping down all the cabinets is pretty random for me. And I go it done BEFORE the playdough wars broke out. It was ugly folks. Down right ugly.

-deal with the vue DONE!

-target run for diapers, fish feeder bar, and dishsoap DONE! And picked up some fab-u-lous sunglasses, cleaning supplies, and little green army men for the boyos. A very productive trip.

-post office to mail something {very very very late} to brie DONE! And add to that went by the library which is right down the street returned some books and picked up a couple of audio books for the car ride coming up.

-hair cuts for the boys before someone mistakes them for long haired hippie freaks. I have been informed this will not be happening. I'm debating wasting my time putting my foot down on this. In the long run who cares. So their fades grow out? What's it to me?

-supervise the cleaning of the playroom Tried again. Still didn't go well. I've shut the door. With them in it.

-vacuum EVERYWHERE I spot vacuumed where dash-2 rubbed cheese that he didn't want into the carpet. I got the cheese out but I have yet to understand why he did that versus just throwing said cheese in the trash.

-change bedsheets

-clean the mess that is my bedroom Almost. There. Almost....

-clean the bathroomS {many thanks to my mud obsessed boys who have made my bathroom look like pigs have been using it for a rendezvous point} DONE! Both of them! Before noon!

-order wedding gift for flyboy's friends wedding....that was.... today {crap} Yeah when you wait till the day of the wedding the pickings on the registry list are slim. Very slim. But am really considering buying them the lovely {expensive} china gravy plate but not the lovely {expensive} gravy boat. Why? Cause I think it would be funny. Smartass and in poor taste? Maybe. But kinda funny.

Flyboy told me that indeed this is funny and its the thought that counts. To bad just sending the plate makes one think "I'm a douche!"

-touch base with my husband to double check that we are indeed still married What do you know! We are still married, however if touching base was playing phone tag in between flights and the boys fights then this one has been accomplished. I'm going to hope for more today. Still playing tag. More flying. More flight schedules to be written. Have I told you yet how much I hate his job?

-paybills {I'm thinking we are still married b/c the paycheck is still coming in} Well this was fun. And as much as I hate his job it pays the bills nicely so lets call it a love/hate relationship.

-pack for a visit to the folks! I'm at the point where I'm not even packing... I'm just showing up on their doorstep.

-feed the fish {for those of you who follow me on twitter I tweeted last night that I realized I *might* have forgotten to feed them for the past 5 nights} Would you believe I forgot to feed those little suckers again? I'm amazed they are still alive. They should be studied. DAMMIT! Still haven't fed them. I'm off to do that now. And scoop out the dead ones.

-on a related note feed the kids DONE! But apparently to be a decent parent you have to do this everyday so this one carries over. Do big pretzels count as substance?

-Better parenting I'd like to think this is a given but then again.... never assume.
Its a work in progress.

oh and one more to add to the list, remind people to check out Blue Bird Crafting over on Etsy for adorable quilted burp cloths, service stars, and bags! {sweet that one I can just check off now!}


  1. Haha this post made me laugh...good luck with everything!

  2. It's better for them to get their wedding gift after the honeymoon, anyway. That way they'll revisit their day and remember how wonderful everything was... all because you sent a gift late.

    That's quite a list.

    Also, I don't know if you'll get the package I mailed tomorrow but I threw some target diaper coupons in there too. So that is a good excuse to wait on THAT.

  3. Fish are resilient pets, they'll forgive you. That list made me realize that I *might* need to do quite a few of the same things in my home...but my little bro is visiting this weekend so I will just keep holding off. haha

    By the way, I will look forward to the PT email whenever you get a free second. I know you probably laughed at that, because we both know those are few and far between.

  4. My list for this weekend is looking very similar...except I also need to go food shopping....I haven't gone in a month! What are those fish feeding bars?? I should look into that when I go away on vacation!

  5. You can do it!

    Maybe you need to make a schedule, I hear it helps. :)

  6. I had to laugh about getting the boys' haircuts. My husband has been going crazy because Landon is overdue. He took him today and the Barber was closed. Landon's hair is driving my husband CRAZY!

  7. I'm cutting my boys' hair too. What do I get paid to shear the heads of three boys and one man?

    I don't have to sweep the floor when I'm done. Standing rule is: I cut it, you sweep it.

  8. I have that kind of list, we're leaving for the annual visit-the-parents vacation Tuesday at 0:dark:100. My list is more at work than here and I'm not sure it will get done. Also, for the road trip thing, NPR is great for listening in the car. Find the stations here
    ahead of time. Hang in there.

  9. I got my package and i love my bags and magazines :) And everyone once in awhile I post your etsy store on Facebook :)

  10. You're a hell of a lot more productive than I am! Hope you have fun with Lindsay today, I think I'll be down with Rob tomorrow evening!


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