Friday, July 9, 2010


Dash-3 is sick. Again.

Wednesday night him and I were up walking the floors. From 1 am to 5:30 he screamed, he kicked, he cried, he writhed in pain. He finally crashed at 5:30 and I was up at 6:45 with the phone in my hand to call for an appointment. To say I'm running on little sleep would be an understatement.

Yesterday was spent at the hospital, xrays were taken, blood was drawn, pee was collected { and let me tell you he was catheterized, it took three times, and judging fromt he screaming and thrashing he didn't seem to enjoy it}.

So far it looks like a urinary tract infection. They wanted to see him back today and we found out that he also has a throat infection. But at least he seems some what on the mend. Fantastic.

Except that the medicine gives him explosive diarrhea.

He's on his third outfit of the day and I heard him exploding while I was typing the line above. Even my littlest has a good sense of timing.

Flyboy leaves on Monday for a bit and Tuesday dash-1 has oral surgery and is being put under General Anesthesia. He's unaware of all of this. I'm guessing that I'll be walking the floors with dash-1 Tuesday night.

Oh and dash-1's face is no longer swollen. Only he just either stepped on a bee or was something took a bite of his foot because now that is swelling.

I wanna vacation. I need a vacation.

And dash-2? His underwear is still on backwards.


  1. I've been having one of those days, however it pales in comparison to yours. Hang in there...this too, shall pass!

  2. Ugh! What a no-good, horrible, rotten very bad day!

    I hope everything gets better soon.

  3. Ugh you both must be so exhausted!!

  4. I'm so sorry! It sounds like it's just been awful by you! I hope everyone is on the mend soon, and you get some sleep!

  5. I hope your babies start feeling better soon. And it must be a boy thing because robbie likes his underwear backwards too!

  6. When it rains, it pours. Although, I think maybe there's some flash flooding at your place.

    I'm really sorry. Wish I could bring you some brownies and hang onto one of the babies for you while you ate the whole dang pan.

  7. I hope that everything goes much smoother than you dreading. I understand what you are going though. Monday I had to take the little princess to the ER (since we were not yet enrolled in TriWest) for a fever of 104+. They thought she had a UTI as well, and it took 3 tries for her catheter. I can tell you, I was crying by the end of that one.

    Now that she's finally feeling better? She comes out of her bedroom with poop smeared all over her stomach & arms. What the hell kid? I didnt even know what to do with her. Sigh.

    Oh the wonderful things the daddies miss.

  8. I have a great idea for explosive diapers. use two. the first the size they are in and then put one on that is a size larger on top

  9. Poor dash3! And dash1. That sure puts the backward underwear into perspecitive.

    ps. Poor you! Have another fudgesicle.

  10. well, you know, at least dash-2 HAS underwear on. Click on over to this sight for a few laughs. I can't send you a vacation though.. sorry.

  11. It sounds like you need a vacation for sure! Hang in there! I hope the surgery goes well.

  12. Ugh. I wishI was there to help!!!

    Hope Dash 3 is on the mend soon and that Dash 1 flies through surgery.

    Underwear on backwards seems like a piece of cake overall. Hang in there!

    Ummmm.....if Andrea brings brownies, you have to let me at least lick the pan. :)

  13. I want you to know I admire you. I hope Dash 3 is feeling better real soon. I will be praying for you and for Dash 1.

  14. How do you do it.. really? I will be praying for you, the dashes and flyboy's quick and safe return. You are one strong lady.

  15. Sorry I haven't commented in awhile. You have a lot going on, and I just wanted to say that when you are walking the floors late at night, know that on the other side of the world...someone is trying to put a baby down for a nap and wishes that the sleep fairies give you a bigger run of sleep-filled nights

  16. Can you tell that last comment was made on a severe lack of sleep? We are trying to let Cdubs CIO and put herself back to sleep (now that we are not traveling), I feel ya.

  17. Wow - I've been playing catch up (because I'm a slacker, and I've been swamped... or so I thought before reading your blog, anyways) and I've missed SOOOO much!!

    So sorry... and I will definitely be praying for you. Hoping everything levels out and you get a nice 2 week span of nothing. Good ol' nothing.

  18. Good freaking god, woman. I am so sorry that you are being served a huge plate of SUCK right now.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you that the black cloud over your house moves on...


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