Monday, July 5, 2010

Happenings in the flyboy house

School ended just over a week ago and in true flyboy household fashion the first week of summer has been quite peaceful.

-The bees have been removed from the basement wall, apparently a giant hive and about 5k bees. Yeah you read that right, FIVE THOUSAND BEES. Good times folks, good times.

-There is a mega post coming about this sooner because I think more awareness of this issue needs to be out there but after dealing with dash-1's behavior issues for the past nine months or so I finally put two and two together that the cause was a very adverse side effect of the Singulair he was taking for asthma.

This week we took him off of it and there have been some withdrawal and some fun times but all in all he's doing much better.

Like I said a mega post about this is coming, no medicine should cause rage and depression in a five year old without some serious informed consent from the parent. That's all I'm sayin.

- Speaking of dash-1 as if his plate wasn't full enough, he seems to have either poison ivy or some weird insect bite because half of his face is swollen.

And I mean exactly half, a line straight down the middle of his face is separating him from normal and quasi freak.

This also begs a very good parenting question.... why do weird things like this always happen over holiday weekend when the doctors office is closed?

-Dash-3 gave me a couple nights of sleeping and now he's back to waking up every 2 hours and staying up for an hour. And he thinks that 6am is a great time to start the day.

This doubly sucks because now that dash-1 has that nasty medicine out of his system he's actually sleeping in.

I'm really noticing the difference of what sleep or lack there of, can do to a person.

I should go check into Gitmo for a stay, I hear they can't keep a person awake for too long at a time. Might be a nice vacation.

-Dash-2 only likes to wear his underwear backwards. Flyboy said he's getting in touch with his European side. Its weird. Very weird. I've turned it around once this morning, flyboy has turned it around once this morning and yet, he's turned it around both times.


- My fat ass has joined weight watchers again. I just can't lose those last 10 pounds that I want to lose. But now I'm thinking about going big and trying to lose 30lbs. We'll see how it goes.

In the interest of full disclosure I'm putting my specs out there, I started on Weds {why I started a diet and then life blows up and stresses me out I'll never know}

ht- 5'7" {this isn't going to change from what I'm told}
wgt at the start- 165
size at the start- comfortable loose 12/uncomfortable tight 10

wgt today when I "weighted in" {I'm doing this online}- 164

down a pound!

And lots of healthy recipes to come. I love to cook so now the task is to find healthier recipes. And if anyone out there is also on WW and you have great low point snacks please share!

So that's where we've been. Enjoying a peaceful flyboy July 4th! Hope everyone else is enjoying the holiday weekend!


  1. I so agree that everything goes wrong while the doctor's (and/or VET!) office is closed! Hope dash-1 gets better soon!

    As for WW, congrats for signing up and kick some booty! My mom sent me the Biggest Loser cookbooks and they have some great recipes (all food stats are listed with each recipe so you can calculate points) that are yummy and healthy!

  2. Good luck with the weight loss! I know how hard it is, but I know you can do it. Your goals seem totally reasonable! I lost a little over 80 lbs after my oldest and it stayed off!

  3. TWO sugarfree fudgesiciles are 1 point. Just sayin...

  4. hope everyone gets better soon! and our stats are almost the same. (I've lost a few lbs recently) I have finally decided to really put my heart into losing the baby weight, especially since my baby just turned 4! I become too obsessed with food on WW, so I'm going to just eat less, move more.

  5. Wow!! I'm glad Dash-1 is off the meds, and hope your summer is the better for it. Good luck with WW.

  6. I don't do Weight Watchers anymore but I DEFINITELY still make these shells:

    I was totally weirded out by the cottage cheese in them but it's good, trust me. I had people at work even asking me to make them and bring them in sometimes!

  7. Good luck!! My mom lost 75 pounds on weight watchers. I don't really know what she does for food though, all I know is she does lots of veggies!

  8. Definitely looking forward to the recipes! And yeah, I am also looking forward the the mega-post. I'm so sorry about the issues with Singulair. I'm glad you were able to find the real root of the problem.


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