Tuesday, July 20, 2010


First I apologize for my long post. I try to keep em brief. I just cant. I'm shocked twitter hasn't kicked me off yet. But hang in there... there is a giveaway in here.

Bless my mother.

You know how we have those people we turn to when our husbands are away? Well mine is my mother. I'm surprised she isn't limping lately because I lean on her so damn much.

And before you think, "wow she leans on her mother doesn't she have any friends? " Well no but that's not the point.

I have three kids. Three boys that is, my mother is fooled by them because they are her grandchildren, she, unlike my friends, can not be scared off my my kids, thus the perfect one to turn to.

Plus the kids love her, shes wonderful, I can trust her with them for days on end, and well I'm pretty sure they wont due anything to her that she can sue us for. Or rather I'm pretty sure she wouldn't sue us.

Anyways, this summer she's been pretty busy with us. There's been a fair amount going on that I've needed her help with, dash-1's oral surgery was while flyboy was away, oh and he's having stomach surgery next week and she's going to come up and now we have more test for dash-3 for his kidney issues that she's already offered to help with if we need it.

And this week the boys and I are visiting and she's made it her goal to get me some peace. {She's thinking I might be nearing a breaking point, I can't imagine why?}

See what I mean by bless her? And bless the Marine Corps for stationing 6 {or so} hours away.

But because of all this running around with my kids and saving my sanity and all, she hasn't had as much time to sew. Hard to believe that one can't sew with my kids running around.

Dash-1 has an interest in magnetizing her needles to make a compass when he's not using them to run experiments popping balloons, Dash-2 has to be watched like a hawk after he actually disabled my fathers computer network, oh yeah pop works from home so that was quite a feat, and then dash-3 who likes to belly crawl all over and find anything and everything he shouldn't have.

See little time to sew. Or focus as much on her etsy store, both in crafting and promoting it, I'm slacking in that department.

So I'm pimping her store.

Ohhhh and this week since I'm in town, I'll be prepping and mailing out any orders. That's exciting isnt it? To think, the mrs. touched your items. That alone should make you run out and by something. {Please note the sarcasm, I don't really think I'm that spectacular}

Please, head on over and check out her store, Blue Bird Crafting and look around. She has amazing service stars{service stars can be hung at anytime, not just during deployments}, quilted burp cloths {totally 100% handmade burp cloths, they are adorable}, and beautiful tote bags.

And mom had some goodies for a giveaway!

All together, who loves a giveaway! There will be THREE winners:

One lucky winner will win BOTH of these two cute handmade zipper bags. They are 7.5 inches wide by 5 inches tall.

Another lucky winner will win this large blue zipper bag, measuring about 8x10.

I carry one of these around that has a pack of wipes, 4 diapers, and a change of clothes for dash-3. These things can hold a ton!

And another lucky winner will win this large pink bag! It is also 8x10 and no doubt, can also fit a crap ton.

To enter, leave a comment letting me know which bag ya like best. That simple. I like simple things.

But if you want an extra entry... or two... or five {But you must leave a comment for EACH entry!}

-mention this giveaway on your blog
-tweet about bluebirdcrafting and this giveaway on twitter {@mrs_flyboy if I don't already follow you}
-and 5 entries for any purchases from the etsy store!

The giveaway will be open till Thursday 8pm!


  1. I like the small zipper bag.. Im in absolute need of a new make up bag and Im sure this would look fab-u-lous in my purse.

    I too lean on my mother for everything. I have literaly begged for her to tell me what to do in certain situations because I needed her wisdom and grace and was so torn on what to do. My mother is my best friend and I would love to be half the woman she is one day. Bless our wonderful mothers.

  2. http://fornowthree.blogspot.com/2010/07/giveaway.html

    My first giveaway to blog about!!

  3. I like the big one because I will have a son that will never be potty trained and I will need to carry a change of clothes for him for the rest of his life. I am really looking forward to that. The excitement overwhelms me.

    I already told you what I wanted to buy once I get in the new house. Oh, and I love the black and white purse on there!

    P.S. I heart your mom. I know she needs a break, so just ship her out here and Abs and Junior will fill the void of the little Dash boys.

  4. I love the pink one! It would certainly spice up my diaper bag!

  5. I love the pink one as well! It's uber cute! And I love that your Mom is there to support you and help you and sees that you need some "you" time! :) That's so sweet! I'm excited to look around her Etsy store!

  6. http://roarkclan.blogspot.com/2010/07/mrs-giveaway.html

    I've never blogged about a giveaway before, so I hope this is right! :)

  7. LOVE the big one! I could so use that to store all my son's stuff in!

  8. Awesome!! I'm so glad that you have someone to lean on! I'm in love with your moms store...as you know, I love the service star...and the pink bag in this post...much love, and many prayers!

  9. Oh Oh me me!! I love love love the two little ones! My black hole is Screaming for some organization! : ) Look forward to blogging about this one!! : )

  10. I LOVE the handmade zipper bags! Here in Germany, most of the currency is coins and those would make perfect coin purses!

  11. I love the bigger blue one with flowers on it. And with baby being due in 3 weeks that would be perfect to use to carry!

  12. I love the larger pink one, they seem so versatile and pretty!

    Thanks for hosting this!

  13. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the large pink bag!! It seems perfect for going from the gym to work and everywhere in between!
    Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway!!

  14. I love anything lime green. I could really use one of these bags this fall to hold all of my pens, pencils, post-its, etc while student teaching. I am going to blog about it this afternoon when my brain is awake and hopefully has some caffeine in its system!! Oh and you should totally have your mom make an ACU purse! Don't kill me, I am KIDDING!

  15. I blogged about your giveaway because it is awesome =)


  16. You are putting me in stitches - I almost choked on my cereal!!! I love the blue zipper bag - the fabric caught my eye especially. Thanks for the chance!!

  17. Your mom is awesome! I haven't blogged about this b/c I'm a super slack blogger. I haven't even posted pics from vacation 14 months ago. Anyway, I ordered the large Blue Star and it looks totally, totally, totally awesome. I have it framed in a cherry/black frame.

    Emailed her a thank you note and she was so sweet in her reply :) Your mama rocks and her work is awesome!

  18. i'm digging the smaller two bags. super cute!

    mom's-turned-grandma's are amazing. they seem to be able to throw out that whole bossy-parenting thing when it comes to grandkids and just enjoy them.

  19. I like the blue bag the best!!!! They ar all cute so I would love to have any of them but the blue is my favorite.

  20. http://twitter.com/meeyeehere/status/19080481601
    I follow you on twitter and tweeted@ meeyeehere

  21. love love love the small one on the right! It's just the right colors!! :D

  22. Such cute stuff! Go Mom! My favorite is that small Pucci-esque one on the top right!

  23. I love the blue on with flowers. :-) It's adorable and big enough for my note stuff I like to carry around.

  24. I was the lucky winner last time....so I am NOT entering.....but just wanted to say how beautiful the bags are....your mom is super talented!!!

  25. I like the Small Green and Pink Floral Bag.

    Elaine R

  26. I like the first two bags, the ones that are 7.5 inches wide by 5 inches tall. They are super cute and I would put them to good use!

  27. I love the large pink one, however they are all so very cute!

    Aly at infertilityoverachievers dot com

  28. i like the pink one best (all tho, really!) because i'm a pink kinda girl :)

    i also love your mom's shop and am looking for a reason to spend the $$ on a service star. soon and very soon...

  29. I like the large blue bag best. They're all cute by the way.


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