Friday, February 29, 2008

Call me Mrs. Fix It

Flyboy amuses me. And annoys me, but after you've known someone for over a decade I think you'd be hard pressed not to annoy each other somewhat.

This morning I went downstairs and started our morning routine, Dash-2 in his high chair munching on a banana waiting for his toast while I unload the dishwasher. To my credit I only got it halfway unloaded before I realized I was putting away dirty dishes. And also to my credit I put the dirty ones back in the dishwasher rather then just leaving them in the cupboard. I know I hit the right buttons to run it, but I figured I'd try again. I heard it making a strange sound and no water was coming out. Then I thought I smelled something burning. I, being the smart stay at home mom I am, turned it off right away and poked at the turny thingy. It turned so that couldn't have been it. I filled it away on my to do list to look up the manual online since I didn't remember where I put it.

Other stuff came up, some problems with Dash-1 referral to Walter Reed that I spent most of the morning straightening out, then some nap issues with Dash-2 no doubt related to the lack of his pacifier, then the messy problem hit. I saw some toilet paper in the upstairs toilet so I just flushed it and walked away. Dash-1 uses the toilet like a trash can and puts his Kleenexes in them, I believe this lead to the problem. The problem being the three inches of water all over the bathroom and gushing out of the over flowing toilet. It was a mess, thank God it was clear clean water, but really, does anyone want toilet water all over their floor? And a good three inches at that.

I dealt with it. I put the boys in the playroom, shut the door, stopped the water, plunged the clog, cleaned up the water, bleached the floors and everything else that toilet water touched. It was under control. Wouldn't you know flyboy would call right as I'm admiring my now dry bathroom. I told him about the toilet and he actually said, "I'll deal with it when I get home." As if I just shut the door and figured a gushing toilet shouldn't be tended too RIGHT away. I told him I already did. And then my favorite, "well are you did you clean up the water on the floor?" No, the boys are swimming in it.

When I told him about the dishwasher he got quiet. I'm sure he was wondering if the house was still standing as well. He then had the nerve to ask if I had turned it off when I smelled the burnt smell and heard a weird sound. Really, am I a moron? Or course I did. I know that this isn't a lack of faith in me on his part, but rather that he feels crappy that he's not here to deal with this. Him telling me that he'll deal with it when he gets home, even though in some cases that's weeks, months away, kinda irks me. I'm an adult, I'm a smart cookie, I keep this house running while he's off God knows where doing God knows what. I can figure these things out on my own. But it also kinda makes me feel special. It makes me feel like no matter where he is, what he's doing, the kids and I are still his top priority. Some men send flowers, mine promises to fix the dishwasher from the other side of the country.

Oh a side note... I fixed the dishwasher.


  1. awh leanne,

    i love the way you ended this about the flowers and the dishwasher. i actually went "awhh."

    you rock, strong mama,

  2. Good for you. See we don't need man friends... my mom was sooo wrong. We are super mili wives.. able to fix baby gates, toilets and dishwasrers in a single bound!

  3. It always feels good to know that you are the top priority of the man you love, no matter where they are.

  4. Walking in my base neighborhood, I came across a group of my friends gathered around a woman's minivan. They had wrangled a flat tire off and were replacing it. One of them had called her husband a few doors down to remind him to take the brownies out of the oven before they burned because she was "busy loosening lug-nuts."

    Milspouses rock!

  5. hahaha, i love marine wife's comment. i am laughing! sounds so much like me and my hubby. sometimes, we reverse roles so much, too. i can relate.

    hope your day is going great, peaceful, and toddler-stressfree. see you soon, kathleen

  6. You rock. Handling all of that by yourself sucks.

    I think that sometimes our husbands feel like they aren't needed, especially when we handle big stuff on our own. It might bug them. I know Greg has said that when I do certain things myself, especially if he's not deployed and just at work (so he'll be home at the end of the day) he wants to be the one coming to my rescue. I dunno what these guys think we do when they're actually gone...

  7. You go Momma! Fix that dishwasher!

    Military wives are a different sort of breed aren't they? There's no way I would have learned how to do half the stuff I have if it hadn't been for this lifestyle. When I got married I'm not sure I could hang a picture straight by myself :P

    It's got to be kinda strange for our husbands. Huh...I never really thought about that much until now...

  8. Good job fixing the dishwasher! I have a feeling all our stuff just waits here to break the minute my husband leaves town. Okay, actually, not so much stuff, but lightbulbs. I have changed 11 lightbulbs in the last 2 months and about 2 in the entire previous YEAR! why?

    toilet trouble was the theme of his last deployment...


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