Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Where oh where is spring?

I know I'm a little early, especially up here to be wondering where spring is. But February always seems to do this to me. November and December are cold but they don't seem dreary because of the holidays and the rushing around in anticipation. January brings more cold but also a quiet relief after the holidays, February just seems blah. I'm very much a craft person and I really get into Valentine's day and then there is my sweet Dash-1's birthday and flyboy's birthday to think about but still it always seems that by this time in Feb.. I have hit my winter limit. March brings the hopefulness that spring is coming although up here we never really see it until mid-April or, dare I even think it, May. But yet I always have hope that this year the trees will bloom in March.

Winter is a perfectly charming season but really you can only look at dirty snow piles for so many months before you want to see some plant life. Our trip down to GA brought a little reprieve. I was shocked by what I saw... trees with leaves, bushes with flowers. Flowers! In January. I've obviously been up here to long that that that takes me by surprise.

Spring is such a hopeful, beautiful time of year. I find it hard to be in a cranky mood for those months. (Stop laughing bitter betty it is possible) Everything is fresh and renewed. We have a birds nest in one of our trees and the little chirping birdies appear, the canopy of trees frames our long driveway again, we can once again go for long walks and spend all day outside.

Soon I suppose, spring will be here. I can open up the windows get some fresh air in the house and maybe even air out my soul a little. I guess the seasons are a perfect metaphor for life. You need the dreary long dark days to better appreciate the light, breezy, hopeful ones.


  1. Groundhog Day is coming up. Let's just hope Phil doesn't see his shadow and spring comes early!

  2. It is easy to hope for spring so early here in NC... It is supposed to be 81 today!

    I miss Ohio and the normal winter weather, lol.

  3. I thought maybe down here we had a shot of a really early spring... highs were in the 80's the last couple days but alas... this morning it's 36 due to a cold front. Bummmmerrrrr.

  4. Groundhog day brought us no hope this year I am afraid! At least 6 more weeks of the winter stuff! I am not a fan of winter. It makes me miss TX that much more! There is winter in TX but not like here. I can't wait till Spring gets here!!!!

  5. Thanks for visiting my blog the other day.

    I must say that I'm enjoying my "spring" weather, here in Hawaii. It's 76 here today...woohoo

  6. You should move back home. We have had almost NO winter! It's horrid. It was 75 yesterday here, with no rain.

    p.s. Phil saw his shadow.

  7. That's so true! I cant imagine living in the south where there are no true seasons. i think I would just take all that sunshine for granted pretty quickly.

    That being said- I have the winter blahs myself. C'mon spring!!


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