Thursday, February 14, 2008

Where oh where has personal responsibility gone?

Happy Valentines day! I've already kinda blogged on valentines day and today was just one of those days so nothing terribly witty to report on. On a sad note, sigh, no whitman's sampler. Walmart was out, they had the gianourmous one but something told me I should excerise restraint, so I passed. So to you all I wish you a happy valentine's day before I go off on my tangent!

Now for the tangent. Have you all caught the show on A & E called Parking Wars? It would be absolutely hilarious.... if it weren't a snap shot of society. So this show, for those of you who haven't caught it, follows the Philadelphia Parking Authority as they dispense justice, aka ticketing, booting, and towing your car. I'm sure you can imagine the characters that this show is exhibiting.

Usually the first part of the show follows the ticket officer (I cant remember exactly what they are called and I'm not going to say meter maid!) let me tell you, I have nothing but respect for those folks. They are walking all over creation, doing their job. And let me tell you they put up with some serious disrespect. I'm not saying that when I got a parking ticket I was elated, hardly, but really, people are chasing these guys down the street yelling at them. One guys arguement was that the ticket officer should have walked up and down the street asking people if it was there car and should have walked another block or two before coming back to ticket to give the person more time to get back to their car. Really?! How about you set a timer on your cell phone (cause he had one that he was yapping on) to remind your big boy self to go take care of your OWN meter. Really is that too much for someone to handle?

Then the real entertainment starts when they go over to the towing or booting segment. Ah grab a nice cold beverage and settle in for the excitement. The claws are coming out. It amazes me the logic that people have when they go to get their car out of the impound lot. So far from what I've gathered the PPA isnt going to tow your car unless, A. you did something really stupid to really piss off the police during a traffic stop (you know getting mouthy while driving with no insurance) B. you owe a fair amount from multiple tickets C. you park your car where there is a no parking or in rush hour lanes sign . The PPA isn't out there hauling innocent peoples cars for the heck of it. "Hey Bob look at this woman's car, she's got her some baby seats in it. Get the tow truck and lets take it in for fun!" Just like the ticket officer's these guys are just out doing a job.

But I digress a bit. So most people go storming into the impound lot raising cane that they are being unfairly targeted and who do these people think they are. How do people live like that? Really they just look on with blank stares when they are informed that they had 300 dollars in unpaided tickets and had expired tags. One woman said and I quote "Yeah so, you shouldn't have taken my car.". Ummmm. Tickets aren't window decorations. You violated a law, buck up and pay up. I'm not even going to touch the woman that said she didn't have the money to pay her tickets, thats why she had so many, yet drove off the lot in a VERY expensive SUV. Nope not going to comment on that one.

It seems, in my very humbled opinion, that there is a growing lack of personal responsibility. I would also say that there is lack of respect for the laws of society but for the sake of todays rant I'll just lump that in with the personal responsiblity. I used to work in a city much like Philadelphia, I recieved a ticket or two for a meter that expired before I could get back. Was I perturbed... hell yeah. At myself. Its my responsiblity to make sure that there is enough time on the meter and should something happen to keep me from putting more quarters in the meter, well, so goes life. Suck it up folks, life goes on. Pay your ticket. Put quarters in your meter. Don't park where the sign clearly says DO NOT PARK. Oh and here's an earth shattering idea of the day, if you get a ticket, pay for your ticket. If you cant afford to pay your ticket, well then by golly stop racking up more. Or for the love of goodness, take the bus.


  1. I haven't caught this show on yet. I will have to check it out.

    And I know what you mean about people's lack of personal responsibility. I can't believe how people act sometimes.

  2. I'll drink a coke to this one!
    Here, here.

  3. I'll have to check this show out. It sounds hilarious! And as mean as this will sound, I get pleasure out of other's misery that they've brought on themselves.

  4. I think that people have a lack of personal responsibility too. Especially when it comes to their car or driving! It is like all the other cars out there aren't trying to get somewhere too. They are the only ones in a hurry.
    That show sounds pretty funny, and I would not want to be one of those officers!!!!!

  5. Oh man, they had a mini-marathon on of Parking Wars a couple weeks back very late at night and I stayed up to watch the whole thing. There was some kind of college festival in one and it was crazy the amount of cars they towed in one night! And the lines the next day at the office were hilarious. It is pretty amazing how people act like they're the ones who are being put upon whereas if they'd just handled their obligations, none of this would be necessary.

    I remember one night in NYC, I watched the cops towing a bunch of cars but ticketing others. I asked them why they were only towing some, and I got this response: "We're only towing the cars with Jersey plates." Heh. They claimed it was because it was easier enforce payment of parking tickets with an in-state vehicle, but you can never be sure!

  6. I just caught this show a few weeks ago and was APPALLED at the sense of entitlement these people had, and yeah, refusal to take responsibility for screwing up. It was unbelievable. I know it shouldn't have been so surprising to me, and yet there I stood with mouth agape, wondering how the hell these people can be considered adults.

    Just. Wow.

  7. welcome to I lost all faith in humanity years ago.... it just goes to show that people are always think they are owed something. i see it on a daily basis.

  8. I got a couple $5 parking tickets at the library in Rapid City, SD. Not a big deal. But one of my little sisters was always getting her car booted when she was in college and totally poor. poor sarah!


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