Thursday, February 7, 2008

Valentine's Day plans

I dont invest a lot of wanting and wishing in valentines day. Why do I need one specific day to tell my love what he means to me and vice versa? I like the day from a craft standpoint, so many cute activities to do with the kiddies and then mail them out to unsuspecting grandparents and other close friends (watch out bitter betty ones coming your way!).

Last night flyboy and I were talking and he asked if I was depressed about spending the special day alone. I'm surprised he thought it would bother me. First I told him with the boys I am never alone, I mean I've already been asked to be a special little boys valentine. However, I think he still feels bad. He asked what my big plans would be. I was very honest. I told him I want to sit on the couch and eat an entire Whitman Sampler while watching crap tv. Now he thinks I'm trying to make him feel bad. But sadly thats actually what I want for v-day. My concession is that I wont eat the entire box. Just the top shelf. Or I could eat them while running on the treadmill....

So what are YOUR big plans for the day?


  1. I'm with you. I wana curl up on my couch in a pair of these amazing lounge pants I found (organic cotton, under 10 bucks... wal-mart) and watch cheesy romantic comedies. - Maybe I'll open that bag of pepperage farm cookies...

    Love the blog!

  2. I honestly don't know what we are doing. Probably nothing, DH usually gets something small for me, but it's not a big production or anything! I like it that way. If hubby wasn't here, then I would do the same thing as you. Find something yummy to snack on and curl up and watch TV.

  3. DH will be here, but I don't think we're doing anything special. Probably just cards. The plan instead is that since our anniversary is a month later, we are hopefully going to take a weekend getaway somewhere between the two to a nearby bed-and-breakfast instead. Then we don't have to worry about trying to find the perfect gifts for each other for either occasion.

    I think your valentine's plans sound pretty nice :)

  4. Just eat the good ones, it is ok to bite and put back, the kids will eat those. Happy V-Day

  5. During the day I'll be busy with school parties, but I'm sure the evening will be no different than any other night the last year.
    We don't usually celebrate Valentines Day much... maybe a card and some hand-picked flowers. Why do we need one day, when we can celebrate every day?
    and the chocolates... I agree with Sarge.

  6. for the 5th year in a row... DH will be gone, at least this year it's just a TDY. I'll be working during the day - and probably get flowers from him, he never forgets, and then when he gets back, we'll celebrate a bit.


  7. We will be doing big fat nothing. Just like every other year, lol. My husband hates Valentine's day so I try not to torture him with it too much.

  8. Ha ha..that sounds like an awesome idea for Valentines day. You can't go wrong with Whitmans and bad tv :) We can always call each other bitch for an hour!

  9. I'm actually working..I'll be wearing black and harrassing customers. Maybe I'll get some dairy queen to go with your whitmans samplers.


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