Monday, February 25, 2008

Something about this season

Why is it that on other holidays I don't have the same draw to candy as I do this time of year? Shape a whopper like an egg and paint it pastel pink and I'm all over it, sucking down whole bags at a time. My true weak spot... cadbury eggs and brach's Bunny Basket Eggs.

Both are only available for a month and a half out of the year. Maybe that adds to their allure. I don't know what it is but I find myself finding excuses to go to Target to pick up a bag of these things. Please someone tell me I'm not alone in my weakness for Easter candy.


  1. My weakness is the cadbury eggs and starburst jelly beans. They are the best aside from jelly bellies. I just love the starburst jelly beans and I can only get them around this time of the year. I could eat a whole bag in one sitting if I allowed myself...feeling sick later I'm sure.

  2. I love Peeps, but now that they come out all year long, my interest dwindles at Easter.

    The sad part is I get all feverish about OMG Peeps!!! in my pantry, and I dig it out and start nibbling. Before I know it, I've downed four of them (half the tray) and then remember that I really don't care for marshmallows so much. It's one of those quirks about myself I'll never understand. The good news is that when you get to that point, the Peeps aren't wasted. Just do Peeps Jousting!

  3. First, thanks for the comment on my blog! So glad you stopped by.

    Second, yes I love Easter candy! Between the Girl Scout cookie stands and Easter candy, I'm having a hard time maintaining my willpower this time of year. :)

  4. Thanks for the comment on my blog, if you don't mind, I'm going to add you to my list! It is nice to find other people who understand the day to day stuff :)

    And yes, I am a sucker for the candy as well...but I am a Smucker's Jelly Beans girl myself. Oh, and the chocolate creme Cadburry Eggs. Yum.

  5. Peeps.

    I cannot bring myself to eat them any other time of year than at easter. Oh and the ducks are way better than the bunnies.

    Oh and I don't exactly hate the cream and caramel filled eggs. But I pretty much don't hate anything with caramel in it.

    thanks a lot, now I have to go to Target over my lunch break! :-)

  6. Ooooooooh. I finally see what eggs you are talking about!!! I was getting you the right eggs, just the wrong brand! I get it. You can't go generic on Easter Candy.

    I love those Reese Peanut Butter cup eggs they have at easter. They are different b/c the chocolate is not as hard like in a regular cup. I salivate at the thought...

  7. awh L,
    you're not alone. your post made me giggle. i think my biggest weakness for chocolate when i really want chocolate is the cadbury roasted almond bar. yum! i am trying to stay away though and just allow me the occasional treat.

    cute post L,

    ps. and about the earlier post, we can both share parental guilt arm in arm. he he. it's hard, we both know it, but i think things sometimes seem easier when someone you know can relate to how you feel about what is going on.

  8. I'm a jelly bean junkie and my hubby loves those peeps things. Walmart had them on sale for 96 cents I think I bought about 6 packages of those stupid ducks to send over,lol.

  9. Oh. My. Gosh.

    Those are my favorite!! I thought I was the only one! I didn't know they were out already. I know where I'll be tomorrow wit my wallet open. mmmmmmmm.


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