Friday, February 8, 2008

"I did it by myself mommy"

Dash-1 was so easy to potty train it isn't even funny. It's only been four weeks since we started and he's been accident free for three weeks. Two weeks ago he made the move to peeing standing up, he thinks its his super power and who am I to tell him other wise.

He has a wicked independent streak, and wants to go all by himself and pull his pants up on his own. So this morning I was in the kitchen and he comes walking in "I pulled my pants up. I did it all by myself mommy." And they did look pretty darn perfectly pulled up. I was quite impressed.

As he turned to leave I saw his adorable, tiny white butt hanging out the back of his pants. He seemed not to realize you have to make sure the BACK of your pants are pulled up too.

Life is just so complicated.


  1. LOL How cute is that?? I just wish mine would pee in it instead of on it!! He always waits till the last second before he is willing to dash for the bathroom. I have a friend that told me her 15 yr old does the same thing still. Now I am worried! LOL

  2. Heh. And it only gets more complicated as they get older, huh?

  3. Ha! Too funny! My youngest just learned how to pee standing up this week. They sure are proud of every achievement at this age aren't they?


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