Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Christmas Cookie Hop Anyone?

I'm headed to the commissary tomorrow, that means I spend the day thinking about all the things I want to cook so I can pick up the ingredients at the commissary for a fraction of the price as they are here in town.

In case your wondering, I usually don't write a list, I'm sure there's a good reason, I've hidden my writing utensils, dash-1's run off with them, I put my list together in the car while driving, something like that, there's always a reason right?

For whatever reason I don't write a list, then I end up at the commissary with my frazzled self and my entourage roaming up and down the shelves forgetting most of what I need only to find out I came home with 3 bottles of ketchup and we already had 4.  You get the idea.

But I'm going to try to do a little more for this visit since December is a very special month. 


And yes, the birth of Christ is a very important thing, no need for snarky comments about how I'm going to hell because I refered to it as the month of the cookie. 

{For those of you who are thinking "no that doesn't happen, people don't leave comments like that!"  Yes. Yes they do.  For months. Actually years.}

But back to the cookies. Christmas cookies are really really delicious.  Like wicked awesome sorta delicious.

{And in case you didn't know, I shared this with the ornament swap folks, calories consumed during this month do not count}

So the point, cause I'm pretty sure there is a point to this post {or maybe not why start having a point now!} why not do an online cookie hop?

While your whipping up your holiday goodies, take a picture, write up the recipe on your blog and then link up over here in my little corner of the web.  If folks seem interested I'll set up a linky and a start date {I'm thinking next week to start and then just leave it up for the month?} and we can all get fat and happy together.

What better way to find a new recipe {and not just cookies, any type of baked good, desert type of treat will work} and share a favorite?  After all aren't the holidays about sharing?

And getting fat and happy.

So who's in?


  1. I have to bake for a cookie swap this weekend anyway! So I'll take pictures and link up =)

  2. I'm in! Of course, I'm in for anything that involves yummy cookies!

  3. hahahaha... reading this the first thing that came to my mind was a sound clip I heard a few years ago from a radical church: Jesus knows where you live... you can't hide from Jesus! Well, cookies know where my lips are- I can't hide from cookies! I'm definitely in! I'm camera less for now, but have a picture from on-line :) Super excited!

  4. I love this idea. I'm always looking for new recipes for cookies, they are one thing I can be sure the husband will eat plenty of!

  5. I'm in... recipe posted and link emailed. :-) Now I have to go run off all the early holiday cookies I scarfed!

  6. I love this idea! I will try to make some cookies this weekend and post the recipe if they turn out well! :)


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