Thursday, November 18, 2010

the bad, the good, and baby poop

I spent the better part of the day so far pissed off and bitter.  It felt like Murphy, of the all-hell-breaks-loose-when-you-least-have-the-patience-for-it Murphy's, {I think they are from upstate} had his sights set on me.

I've been a busy bee this week.  I cleared out the dining room, have started painting, gotten most of the furniture in there, pulled the trigger on the boyos bunk beds, took apart the toddler beds, moved them up to the attic, lugged home 2 mattresses from Sam's, set them up, moved the furniture out of the dining room again to put down the new rug {would have made more sense to have the rug BEFORE hand wouldn't it?}, whew.

All this while flyboy is away. And the kids have colds.  And are whinny.  And seem to have 5 million other things going on this week.  And I should mention not sleeping thru the night, if its not dash3 up its dash2.

I'm tired.

I might not have done it all the way that flyboy would have, but none the less its getting done.

I've been quite proud of myself, until this morning.  When I snapped.  Like poltergist-head-spinning-backwards kinda snapped.

I went to fix my car from getting the mattresses, our 3rd row of seats had been folded completely flat. Where, 20 hours later it still remains.

I pulled the latch like the damn thing said for close to 45 minutes, my fingers are bruised and I pulled a muscle  I'm sure it was quite a sight.  And lets not forget me calling flyboy, where apparently it was considerably earlier in the morning, and screaming at him.  This by the way is why I don't live in housing, so when the enevitable meltdown occurs I'm not on full display to the public.

So the car is not budging.

I rode over to the dealer where they pulled the latch once and said "oh yeah, that's stuck" and to my defense I did not punch anyone in the face.  I'm curious as to why when I explained it in great detail over the phone they couldn't just take my word.  Now we get to go back tomorrow for more fun.

So I've been stewing most of the morning. It may not seem like much but I'm feeling a bit on the teetering on the edge of sanity right now. And then dash-2 said something very cute and I realized I needed to snap the hell out of it.

{In case you were wondering I handed him his santa hat and asked how his ice cream was and he said "santa-riffic".  Very cute.  But then again, I'm his mom, I'm biased.}

To remind myself, heres the bad, good, and stinky of life lately:

*Flyboy is away. Again. And probably getting home later.

Flyboy is not dead, he's just away.  He has a job, it pays the bills, allows me to stay home with our boyos, and comes with a uniform that he looks wicked handsome in.  All pluses.  Granted he might not be home when we thought he would be, but it's due to a funeral for a fallen Marine.  I am immensly grateful my Marine is coming home whenever he comes and that I am not the family of that fallen Marine who's suffering is imaginable right now.

 *My car seat is stuck and its pissing me off.

It's a car.  Granted it's an expensive {actually helluva expensive would be more fitting} item but it's a car.  And it's a car still covered under a warranty.  Pain in the ass? Yes.  The end of the world? No.

*Everyone is whinny, has colds, and doesn't want to sleep without waking up every two hours.  This is impedding on my sleeping and is greatly contributing to my pissy mood.

I should lock them all in a closet and take a nap.  Wait we don't have any closets {yeah that's right, charming old houses don't always come with closets}.  And even if we did locking them in closets would be irresponsible.  Right?  Right.

This too will pass.  Colds last for a small amount of time relatively speaking.  It's just a cold, granted dash-1 has some asthma issues and the nebulizer is a permanent fixture these days, but its just a cold, not some debilitating life threatening disease.

And one day, my kids wont cry out for me any more at night, one day I'll be pacing the floors waiting to hear from them.  At least now I know where they are safe and sound.  If only they could just forget that I am such a good tucker-inner.

*I'm feeling fat and frustrated that is no time during the day to excersise.

Well I'm sure I could squeeze in five minutes here or there, but come on, I have 3 kids and for the time being no husband, it is what it is.  I shouldn't feel guilty about not running on the treadmill.  Can't walking laps around target pushing two kids in a cart count?

And the ice cream I plan on eating straight from the carton tonight after they go to bed, that's for my calcium.  Calcium is very important.

*Dash3 is back on his pooping/diarrhea kick.  Not that I don't love changing half a dozen explosive poops a day but come on kiddo.  I'm pretty sure despite scrubbing down after wards I still smell like baby poop. 

Darn if I can't come up with a plus side of this one.  At least he's pooping I suppose?  Yeah this one pretty much just stinks.


  1. I think you're entitled to have everything bugging you one day. You have the right perspective on it--this, too, shall pass--but some days just suck. And it certainly sounds like things are sucking over there.

    Speaking of sucking, can Charlie come visit you and maybe get "lost" out on the property?

    Hope it blows over soon.

  2. Just blogging around this evening and found your blog. I have two son, all grown up now, but when they were little my husband was in the Air Force. Looking back I think I can count on one hand the times the house was as clean as I wanted to be. How do they drag so many toys out at one time. But hang in there my dear. Also my husband seemed to be TDY, more then he was home. Of course today we have that military retirement but Tri-Care standard, so that put with the medical insurance at his regular job now seems to pay al the bills, so it was well worth it in the long run. So hand in there, there is a rainbow at the end of all of this madness. Thanks for letting me visit.

  3. Holy crap (literally)! Hang in there, wish I was there to help!


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