Thursday, November 18, 2010

the rest of the day

I tried to have an upbeat mood change.  I tried to put the craptastic morning behind me. I tried not to be so damn frustrated and cranky today.

Until Murphy took to the sky like a giant hawk and pooped on me from 100 feet up.  {Has that ever happened to you? It's actually happened to me and disgusting doesn't even BEGIN to describe it}

As I pull into the school to fetch dash1 and my low tire pressure light comes on.  I planned on getting air after I pick up the kiddo, let him play on the playground for a bit and head home. No biggie. 

Well, all the air seeped out while he played. I get to the car.

Tire - Flat.  Flatter than flat.

No biggie I have roadside assistance.  We were smart.  We paid for that.

Oh wait.

My spare?  Trapped under my stuck back seat.  So that my friends, renders my spare tire useless.  And my roadside assistance equally useless.  Kinda like my husband who is stepping onto an airplane to do night flying somewhere not here.

I called the dealer and got a smidge on the pissy side since I had brought my car over to them like they told me to earlier in the day only to have them tell me that, yes, indeed the seat is stuck.  And oh that low pressure light, no biggie, we'll check that tomorrow.  {I then put in air only to have it apparently all leak out}

The car place sent over a tech to help me change my tire.  I explained to them THREE times on the phone that the problem was less of the flat and more that the STUCK BACK SEAT WAS HOLDING MY SPARE HOSTAGE.

So when the tech showed up with a mere jack to change my tire my eye started twitching.

When he said, "Oh wow, that is stuck" in regards to my seat, my head ALMOST exploded. 

Don't you people talk to each other?!

So here I am with a rental car while they figure out what's up and why someone didn't look at it the first time I came into the dealer. 

And flyboy?  He's still flying.


  1. Oooo. my eye would be twitching too. That is just ridiculous. I hope your car is fixed SOON. Hopefully you aren't paying for that rental.

  2. Wow. That is beyond irritating. It can only get better right? RIGHT?!?!?

  3. oh good grief. are you a wine drinker? because tonight calls for a big glass. that's nuts. stupid nuts. the stuff they make freakin' movies about. hope you survived the rest of the day!

  4. Oh my goodness, Murphy - that jerk! I nearly spit out my drink when I read that!!

  5. ERG!! People. I sware... sometimes - they're the worst.

    Hopefully it's fixed now???

  6. :-) They do talk to one another, only it's in Man-ese where as you are speaking sensibly...
    I get the eye twitch, seriously.
    I'm glad it's all sorted now and they gave you a free rental (and hopefully didn't make fun of the marbles too much).


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