Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Christmas Shopping

Every year I vow to have my Christmas shopping done by August.  And every year come the end of November and I just laugh at myself.

Finish shopping? How about not even started.  Wait. I take that back. I have ordered the boyos sleeping bags.  I'm confident they won't be logging on here to see that. 

So for those of you who are in the same boat as moi, let me help you out some fab-u-lous gift ideas that can all be found at Blue Bird Crafting, which in case you aren't familiar, is right at your finger tips where you can shop in the comfort of your pjs, over at Etsy.

 I love these! A set of quilted burp cloths with a matching zipper bag in a modern, fresh print.  

And by the way the zipper bag can fit everything in it except for your actual child.  I swear.  I have one in my car that is holding, 3 diapers, a onesie, pack of wipes, tissues, diaper cream, hand cream, sanitizer, a grocery bag, hair clips, and a pack of gummies.  {Don't judge they keep the kiddos quiet}

A beautiful gift for a mommy to be!

A wall hanging for the patriotic crowd! It's bigger than you think and would fill the wall space in an entry or hallway nicely.  

 This little darlin is what started Blue Bird Crafting.  This is THE PERFECT GIFT for anyone with a connection to the military.  Can't figure out what to give your mother-in-law or your military wife bff? How about one of these.  

No mother could turn down a star that signifies her son or daughter's service to our country.  

And neither could any wife!

Lots of burp cloths listed and they are a fantastic gift for just $7 dollars, with shipping they are still under 10! 

 {9.50 to be exact}

Add a couple of little feeding and diaper bag items and tie a bow around these for a beautiful and VERY useful gift.

 Every little girl needs a bag to fill with her necessities and this one is just adorable. Perfect for a stuffed animal or two, some snacks, coloring books and markers. 

 Can anyone ever have enough bags to put things in? Makeup, medicine, electronics, items for your purse or diaper bag, snacks for the car, they are as useful as they are beautiful.

 I know everyone is heading over right now to snag up this adorable little boy, but alas, he is not for sale. {However we have parent teacher conferences next week, check back....} but the aprons are {2 for sale}.

They are sized just right for a little chef or kitchen helper and at 8 bucks, perfect for a budget.

Check us out! And good luck with the mall parking lot at Christmas, that thought alone should cause the Etsy servers to crash.

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