Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The secret of cows

It's really not such a secret.

{Are all cows cattle?  I was going to say the secret of cattle.  But I'm not sure if those cows are cattle.  I know the longhorn are cattle but these I'm not so sure, of course it could be a universal cow thing.  This I don't know}


I pulled in our driveaway yesterday, which is a little longer then your average run of the mill suburbia neighboorhood driveway, of course then again we don't live in a neighboorhood, I went down by the barns to turn around and did the usual "Hey look boyos the cows are out... wave to the cows"

It amuses me when dash-3 waves to the cows and then looks out hoping they wave back, so long as a tail switches he's not disappointed. 

About halfway down the field there was a cow "sleeping".  Or so it first looked.  I thought it was odd.

We got up to the house which is up a little higher so despite being further from the cow I could see it better, it was laying flat out on its side.  Now here's the thing, I've clearly been living on this farm too long because I could tell right away that something was off.

Since I've lived here, I've seen cows curl up, I've seen cows get their heads stuck in fences, I've seen cows "wrestle" {that would be the boyo term for *ahem* mating}, shoot, we had a cow in our front yard close to climbing on the porch within the first couple months of living here, but I had never seen a cow lay that still, on its side.

And that folks is how you can tell that a cow is dead.

Told you it was worth it.

And now I'm off to figure out the difference between cattle and cows.  If there is any. I shall report back.

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  1. and how, exactly, does one dispose of a dead cow? does the farmer haul it off with a front end loader or something?

  2. How old do cows live? Just thought you'd like to do a little more research ;-p

  3. All cows are cattle, but not all cattle are cows.

    Cows are females, specifically females that have given birth at least once.

    Heifers are females that have not civen birth.

    Bulls are "intact" males, and steers are males who have had the farm version of a vasectomy.

    Tecnically, there are cows in other species - eg a female moose is also called a cow, as are female whales - but I don't think that was where you were going with this.

  4. Hmm. My dad works on his brother's farm a few miles away out of town --they co-run it together-- and I honestly don't know the difference either.
    Hahahahhaa: wrestling. Golly. lol:)

  5. A horse flat out is not dead, unless it's for a long time. Cow... definitely dead or in serious trouble. I remember when I was younger and people would always say "dead horses" as we drove by one of the farms in my home town, nope just taking a wee nap.

    My mom's mares will alternate who's flat on the ground and who's a little more upright.


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