Thursday, November 4, 2010

The wickedest Christmas cards around and a GIVEAWAY!

 Disclaimer: If you don't find curse words, especially the f-bomb funny, you should probably just hit the old X in the right hand corner right about now. However, if you have a wicked sense of humor, proceed and trust me, you'll appreciate it.

Few things excite me more than Christmas cards.  Seriously. 

In fact, if my husband and the delivery box with my Christmas cards were both on the front porch: the hubs home from a trip and the cards, fresh from UPS truck, I'm not sure which ones I would run to first.  Actually, lets be honest flyboy, we both know.

But you'd get a great big hug and a big ol smooch as soon as I opened up the cards.

That's my excitement level. 

I send out nice photo cards of us and usually a funny little pic of the kids under the tree {last year dash-2 was making moose antlers, the year prior dash1 was strangling dash2 with his hug}.  Every year getting a nice family shot is harder and harder, it be so much easier just to get a shot of the boyos. 

The box comes I sit on the couch addressing my cards, bitching to flyboy that I'm not sending any to any family members who don't send ones back, he then blankly stares at me, because he's still scared from having to take the family picture with the auto button.  When he finally comes to he askes why we go thru this every year.

Because it's Christmas dammit! The birth of our Savior.  Get with the program.

{That and if I don't send a card of us with our adorable blond hair blue eyed kids my frienemy will think I've ballooned to 300lbs, because, well, shes that kinda bitch.}

 But search no more... I've found the perfect cards..... over at OMGSeriously at Etsy.  {Cause we all know Etsy rocks.}

There's a whole set of them.... and some of them are simply wicked.  And well, coming from me that's a good thing.

I know some people despise curse words.  Me, not so much.  I love me a good f-bomb.  Time and place obviously, but I'm sorry, this card just made me laugh so damn hard I almost wet myself.

And please don't leave me any comments about how some curse words take away from the true meaning of Christmas.  Its satire people. It's funny.  And the true meaning of Christmas is shown in the fact that I get thru the damn holidays without killing a single member of my family.

But back to the cards...Put this in a box of cookies and send it to the ol frienemy.  Flyboy's going to have to hide these cards or ones getting sent.

Put it in a little Christmas card with a witty message, some cookies, an ornament, there ya go, a Christmas care package that says I love ya with a bite.

My kinda package.

Oh and you should know besides my love of cursing I'm also a paper snob and these cards were top quality.  A very nice weight to them and the envelopes which is important when wishing someone a Merry Motherfucking Christmas.

And you can win a pack! giving is the Christmas spirit isnt it? How nice is that of Tiffany Ard, the talented lady who makes em? She also has the cutest line art and nursery decor for the nerdy baby, I wish I had known about this when dash1 was itty bitty.

Oh and no cursing there.

Here's what you have to do to win a pack:
- Leave a comment letting me know who this card would be perfect for.

For extra entries, 
-"like" them on facebook  - 2 entries
-follow them on twitter @OMG_Seriously - 1 entry
-tweet about this giveaway {@mrs_flyboy so I know you sent it} 1 entry {you can tweet daily for entries!}
-blog about it with a link back here to the giveaway - 4 entries

This giveaway will run until Nov 12 at 8pm! Good luck!

Many thanks to OMGSeriously over at Etsy for the pack of cards she sent for me to review, check out her stuff people and support an Etsy artisan!


  1. Ahahaha now you are tempting me to send these to frenemies! I loveeee them but think I might just be adding fuel to the fire with them!

  2. I love this- I have a whole slew of in-laws who may not appreciate them, but definitely should recieve them!


  3. So don't do Holiday cards, but OMG you crack me up. Maybe in another life.

  4. My siblings would CRACK up if I sent them these!! They would be perfect!!

  5. I liked them on facebook! #1

  6. I liked them on facebook! #2

  7. I follow them on twitter.


  8. Too funny! I love the cards! Thanks for sharing :o)

  9. I love making my in-laws uncomfortable! These cards are perfect for that!! ;)

  10. This would be perfect for all the people I didn't send Christmas cards to for the last three year. So basically everyone with the exception of my Grandmother. :-)

    You may like Some funny stuff.

    I loved the nerd baby stuff! And here I thought I would have to scour for appropriate baby items.

  11. OK, I have liked on Facebook, I am now following OMG on Twitter, I tweeted to you and OMG, I blogged about you and your giveaway at
    I put on my personal Facebook and my business Facebook. My Brother would probably pee his pants with laughter if I sent him a card like this and then ask where he could get them. I done all this not because I want to win ( but will not refuse the cards if I but because I think you and your mum are such Generous people for supporting the Military by donating to many different causes and events. If I can send people to your website, it's the least I can do..
    Thanks again..

  12. I would send them to frenemies for sure!!! (and one to my "one day sister in-law" because she would find it hilarious)

    I love love love the cards!

  13. I'm so tempted to buy the wHOre wHOre wHOre ones for people who are, frenemies, to put it nicely ;) Thanks for sharing these!

  14. HAHAH I love these :) :)
    Great find!

  15. These are awesome! Exactly what I would say, if I ever sent christmas cards.

  16. Oh my this would be SO perfect for my mother in law (woman hitler) and my sister in law!

  17. Where has this Etsy store been all my life? SCORE!

    I've been looking for my annual holiday cards. These are bleeping perfect. Thank you!

  18. This is hilarious! I love it. I would send one to the hubbs in Assghanistan and a whole bunch to my favorite blog-readers turned friends.

  19. These are so funny, I would definitely send one to my brother in law, my good friends in Arizona, and a few other key people, ha ha!

  20. I wouls send them to my sunt who thinks very beautiful cards hand written letters, and sentiments like that are what the holidays are all about.. it will be wicked funny to hear of her reaction

  21. These make me laugh. My husband has a horrible mouth (he says all the guys in his squadron do, ugh!) so these are totally appropriate for us lol! I love them! Especially the mother effing Christmas one. HA!

  22. LOL! These are fantastic especially since I usually send my cards out some time between Jan. and June. I'm not joking - my friends and family have actually placed bets on when they might get a card from me. :-)


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