Tuesday, November 16, 2010

You're all winners to me

Forgive me I'm running really behind here. 

Flyboy is away, furniture is being delivered this week, I'm attempting my first solo painting project, the boyos have packed schedules and on top of that we have colds and asthma raging in the house. SWEET!

But I have not forgotten the giveaway winners!

Well I did briefly but I'm getting to it now and better late than never right?

For the OMG Seriously? Christmas cards congrats to  - #10 Birdie 

When I went back to see who was #10 I had to laugh, her comment... "I love making my in-laws uncomfortable! These cards are perfect for that!! ;"  Yes Birdie, these will accomplish that. Enjoy.

and for the Scentsy congrats to - #28 ms-texas

Hope you both enjoy your winnings, email me your info asap {if I don't hear anything within 48 hours, I'll draw another name} so I can forward it on and get you your goodies!

Thanks to everyone who entered and don't forget to sign up for the ornament swap!


  1. Hope you all start feeling better - congrats to the winners :)


  2. How ya'll start feeling better soon. I hate painting. Good luck!

  3. Hey! Head on over to my blog to pick up your award!


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