Monday, November 29, 2010

Ornament swap info and other stuff

Ornament swap emails have been sent, every. last. one.  Look in your inbox for your partner's info and get to gettin.

Again, if there are any problems, let me know! I'm always happy to send out an ornament and some cookies.  In fact, yet again, I got to the end and realized I didn't pair myself up with anyone. So if there is anyone who is just now reading this and didn't sign up....I'm in the market for someone.

And my super cool giveaway from the kickass folks at Tiny Prints is still going on and will end on Weds. Go over and enter for some beautiful Christmas cards.  Or holiday cards. Or New Years cards.  Frankly I don't care what you celebrate, just check them out.  {And if you don't win check out their site for wicked awesome coupon codes}

Regular posting to resume when my pinky uncramps from cutting and pasting all the ornament swap emails. 

Ohhh and sit tight I might just tell you how I've become enough of a farm girl that I can now tell if a cow is dead, not just sleeping, from a football field away.  That's what counts as talent around here.


  1. Okay. How DO you tell if a cow is dead from a field away?

  2. Hey! Hey! I hope you're having a great day. I don't know if you got my message on twitter but I'm missing some of the mailing address for my swap partner.

  3. Ooooh, definitely take a rest and have a cup of tea when that pinky uncramps!! :D

  4. Ummm, I never signed up! Yep, I suck like that. So if you're still looking for a partner. I'm game!!! Ok I'm more than game, I'm ecstatic at just the idea of it. :)

    Aly at infertilityoverachievers dot com

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