Thursday, December 2, 2010

Was it you?

The winner of the Christmas cards giveaway courtesy of the awesomely awesome Tiny Prints is.....


Congrats and because this is a giveaway that is moderately time sensitive I've emailed you.

Thanks to everyone who entered, if your bummed you didn't win, no need for the sad face, head over to the Tiny Prints site and check out their 2 day 20% off your ENTIRE order coupon code!

And if I might add, while your add it, after you've made up your pretty cards, toss some address labels {matching of course} in your shopping cart.  Very affordable and so worth it.  I did not this year and have already wasted 4 sheets of those crappy self printing ones.  Waste. Of. Time. And money.

Sanity is fleeting, save it while you can. Right?

Again, thanks to Tiny Prints! And to everyone who entered!

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