Saturday, July 25, 2009

Questions from the kiddo

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So one of the joys of motherhood is getting random, off the wall comments or questions fired at you in rapid speed with the total expectation that you will a. answer them immediately and b. actually know and understand the answer you are expected to give.

Some examples that I've heard in the past month

-So if girls don't have p@nis how do they pee? And just to clarify, I understand how this one works, I could answer this with total authority, but well, my kiddo is four, I didn't want to get into a discussion of anatomy with him. Especially since he loves to then go forth and dazzle others with his knowledge.

-Hey mom smell my finger? Of course this is followed by.... Why does it smell like that? Gotta be honest, I didn't want to know what it smelled like or why.

-Do frogs have ears? I don't see ears so how do they hear? Ummm, I majored in political science, I took biology for the non science major and hardly ever went barely passed that. I went with the old "ask your father" answer.

-Why do you have to pay to drive on a road? Excellent question dear child. I would explain that it's for road improvement, but yet toll roads are often just as crappy as regular roads and really, what NJ is getting out of my pocket for the pleasure to drive on it's roads is just criminal. I relayed this on to the boy only to then get this question.

-How can a state be criminal? Do you want the long or short answer kiddo? I pleaded stupidity on this one, I knew where it could go.

and my personal favorite which I heard this morning

- How come the Little Einsteins parents let them go to space in a rocket? Yooooou (said accusingly) wont let me play outside by myself. This is an excellent point. I have brought this up to flyboy and we have actually had fairly heated discussions about this.

For those of you who aren't in the know, Little Einsteins is a Disney carton about five little kids who go on little adventures in their red rocket. It ties in classical music and art and all that good stuff. Flyboy thinks that its imaginative play, clearly not is my argument, since they have a whole episode about how rocket got to be and how they built a whole underground bunker for it. The Backyardigans (about five little creatures on Nick) is clearly about imagination, the whole point of the show is that they go on adventures IN their BACKYARD.

Not so with Little Einsteins.

My heart swelled with pride when dash-1 caught on to the load of bull he's being shoveled with this show then I asked him if he wanted breakfast to avoid a discussion on cartoon parenting.


  1. Haha, what cute questions! I often wonder myself why I my parents still tell me that I can't do things ie drive in DC traffic while others let their children fly to space in a rocket.

  2. He has such cute questions! I can only imagine the things he thinks of! He sounds like such a little smarty!

    I'm sure you'll be in the hospital or just having Dash-3 when I'll be in town. I have to be at WP on Aug 25th I think- whatever that Tuesday is for menu planning.

    But I'm thinking I might make a trip down in Sept too before all the snow starts! Yuck.

  3. Haha, I personally feel you've done well with the answers. I would totally have passed that frog question off as well....

  4. Love these questions! SO cute! Great Job, Mom!

    I stumbled on your blog through an admittedly forgotten blog (it was a fellow mil-wife, that I remember :) ~ Love it so far. I'm married to a fly boy myself, but no dashes yet!

  5. Kids are so smart... I overheard my friend's two year old ask her why she doesn't run out of air in the car the other day. I'm looking forward to the day I have to say "go ask your father."

  6. We were watching Andy Griffith and wondering the same about Opie runnin' around town at 5 years old.

  7. And why do the wonder pets get a boat? And why does Dora's mom let her go on adventures? Hmmmmmm!

    I love these questions from my students as well. My favorites are usually about Santa, because then I have to try to think of something quick enough so I don't destroy Christmas. That's always fun.

  8. Daniel and I have somewhat heated conversations about outside playing boundaries as well. He's all let 'em go... they'll be fine and I'm very much the opposite. We haven't found a middle ground yet.

    The other day my kids asked me if birds had ears :) I love the random, off the wall questions too!


  9. My then-4 year old was peppering her dad with questions one night and one of them was, "when I'm grown up, am I gonna bleed?" Yeah, he wasn't too thrilled with that line of questioning.

  10. haha - laughed out loud at the whole little einsteins one!! sooo funny!

  11. What about diego who goes on animal rescues alone. And Phinus and Ferb who can build things in their backyard.

    He cracks me up he is to smart for himself.

  12. I too wonder why Annie, Leo, June & the other one (why can't I remember his name) get to go out on their own. And while we're at it, where are Max & Ruby's parents?

    Fun post :) Hope you're hanging in there!


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