Monday, July 20, 2009


Flyboy was home when the upheaval in Iran was going on. I must say, flyboy was in a tissy over it. I've never seen him that worked up. And rightly so, talk about the true expression of people trying to gain some freedom. I think it was the reminder of what we all take for granted.

Flyboy would go into a rant or two, pointing and fussing at the tv. And then he did it. He taught my darling 2 year old to raise his fist in the air and scream "Freeeeeeeeedom".

Although dash-2 is still pronouncing things a little off so it comes out more like "frweeeeeeedom!" But he does get his little heart into it and that has to count for something.

Speaking of Iran, we were also having a little problem with the hate word around about that time. The boys would start fighting and then one would say "I hate you". I decided to go the more normal route, we don't hate anyone, you may say you don't like but hate is an ugly word, again blah blah blah.

Flyboy took a different route. If your a Jimmy Carter fan I apologize I mean he's done great good for habitat for humanity but other then that the guy was well, a really bad president, but I'm not trying to start a debate I'm just sharing what my husband taught my 2 year old.

His tactic? I came back from the bathroom and he goes, "hey dash-2 we don't hate anyone do we?"

dash-2 "no"

flyboy "Hating people is not nice, we can say we don't like people, but hating is not nice."
and then it comes.... "who's the only person we are allowed to hate?"

dash-2 (without missing a beat might I add) "Jimmy Carter"

And then he throws in a "frweeeedom" Just for good measure.

Just the other day my mother and I were talking about something and I mentioned that I got it free when I bought something else, dash-2 doesn't even look up from his coloring book he just throws up his fist and yells "frweeeedom".

Oh and flyboy taught him something else, if you ask him what the Chinese and North Korean people need he'll answer "frweeeeeedom" to that too.

We really aren't bad parents. Just kinda bored from time to time. And you can't argue that people could use some freedom.


  1. I love this story, especially the bit about Jimmy Carter.. CRACKS ME UP! :)

    And hey, if anyone gets all hot and bothered by it, look at the number of parents who teach their children allegiances to football/baseball/sports teams (I will do this to my children with the Gators, don't worry, I'm not hating on it) -- at least you're teaching your children about rights and ideologies! :P

  2. Ha! That cracks me up. My parents did that to me with Bill Clinton, so I can understand :)

  3. Ha ha ha ha! Jordan would totally do this with our kids too, but it would be FDR. He he.

  4. I will be teaching my kids the Jimmy Carter thing as well.

  5. Haha, I love that he didn't miss a beat and said Jimmy Carter.

  6. you guys are awesome :]]

    i was raised saying "Squish the Fish" b/c my dad was a buffalo bills fan living near miami, florida...

  7. I need to show my husband this post when he's home.

  8. hahah that is awesome.

    ps- random question. Why do bloggers do things like "s.t.arbucks" and "s@ms club". Is this something I should know? I am missing an important blogger etiquette thing?

  9. I laughed so hard I was crying! I had to read this post to James Bond because this is totally something he would do. He was laughing too, and agreed that he would totally teach the Wee One something like this.

  10. Haha I love this!! I think you guys are great parents :D

  11. I love it. My dad (USAF ret.) would absolutely adore the Jimmy Carter crack, esp.

  12. my husband just arrived home and he read the post... just as I expected :)
    and then he went on his own Carter rants.

  13. I cant stop laughing now! You need to get some video tape of that.

    BTW, are you still with your parents? Because if you've yet to make the drive back up I'd still love to meet half way :)

  14. Hahahah I love this! Your dash stories are always precious. I can just picture dash-2 saying that.

  15. YES. That is incredibly awesome.

    My dad would call that "teaching your child tricks". We are HUGE supporters of such party tricks in our family. Makes dinner time much more interesting. Also, you can just show people your child's tricks instead of actually talking to people you don't like.

    And if it teaches them a history lesson at the same time? well that's just a double bonus!

  16. That is awesome! (and pretty much exactly what we teach our kids!)

    I remember when my girls were younger, during the 2000 election. (so I guess they were about 3?) During one of the dates I got so ticked off at Al Gore, I was getting ready to lay into a tired (laced with profanity) when I realized one of them was standing right there and I stuttered; "Al Gore is... is..." and she replies "Icky. Al Gore is icky" Ahh, our heart melted. :)

    Sadly, they did discover a family secret about a year ago. My Mom and Dad, not only voted for Carter, they campaigned for him too. (hanging my head in shame) They discovered this when the found a picture of me, getting a kiss from Carter himself.

    All together now.. EWWWWW

  17. ooooh you need to get video of this for us. Plus, honestly, there's plenty of worse things you could be teaching them to say.

  18. Hey, this is Jessica from "When life gives you lemons"

    I love to follow your blog and noticed you have mine linked on yours also.

    This is just an FYI that my blog address has changed since I am starting a new blog.

    Here is my "NEW" blog Name & address:
    "Greetings From Japan"

    I have you linked on the new blog. If this is a issue or concern just let me know!


    P.S. Thanks for the many laughs BTW!!

  19. When I read this, I couldn't help cracking up! Your kid is awesome!


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