Monday, July 13, 2009

ah the ages and stages

Dash-2 is going thru an adorable stage.

By that I mean he's just FREAKIN' A-DOR-ABLE ! He says the funniest little words, he has the cutest little expressions, and I could just hug him so tight I'm afraid his head will pop off.

I found myself thinking back to when dash-1 was this stage and I don't quite remember him being just so darn adorable all of a sudden. I mean part of that is that dash-1 was a bubbly charmer from day one, you must understand dash-2 is a bit more our "quiet child" (we have to use that term loosely around here) but I think there is more to it.

You wanna know what I think the real reason is?

When dash-1 was this age I didn't have a mouthy four year old back talking me as I do now.

Yup. Yup. That's it. That's the reason. When dash-1 was this age I didn't know how quickly they could turn. In fact I look back now and laugh at my stupidity. I thought they didn't turn on you until the teenage years.

*insert the crazy cackling laughter here*

I was so stupid then.



  1. AW! And just think when Dash-3 gets to be this age you'll have a double the back talking! :) Ah motherhood.

  2. Ahhh, the ignorance of the first time mom...such bliss when you think they will always call you "Mommy" and say their r's like w's. How soon that sassy 4 year old emerges!

  3. Funny my 2 year old doesnt make me laugh LOL JK this is a fun age. (minus the potty training)

  4. So precious! :) (in a I'm-starting-to-understand-why-other-species-eat-their-young sort of way heheeh.)JK JK

  5. At least they're not girls. I swear, the 8 yr old is already hormonal. One of us may not survive...

  6. hee...hee! I completely get it! Sassy four is followed by know-it-all five. Just FYI!


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