Sunday, July 19, 2009

A PSA for people with obnoxious kids

I was getting caught up on my reader list and Random Musings of My Life had a great little rant going on about idiots in restaurants. I'm really hoping she writes more about her run ins with idiots while working in food service because well, idiot stories amuse me.

Come on, be honest folks, doesn't a good idiot story humor you as well?

But RMoML's rant included something about screaming kids and I felt compelled to blog about something.

Attention world: Just because I have kids DOES NOT mean that I find your kids adorable.

I know that sounds harsh but really hear me out. I love my kids, I like kids in general, I get that they are not always perfect, I understand that they can be loud and act out (trust me, mom of two rowdy boys, I get it), BUT.... I do think that some people would be much better off to get the memo that not everyone in the world finds their kids as cute as they do.

You know the people I'm talking about, the people who are totally clueless as to how their kids are acting in public, these people don't have the occasional bout of kids not listening in public, they are repeat offenders to us all. You might have had run ins with these people, here's how you can tell if you have:

*Their kid is reaching into your cart at the grocery store (I've had this happen a number of times)

*Their kid is whacking you in the back of the head in a restaurant booth (this happened to flyboy last month)

*Their kid is following you around at the park asking you to put them on the swing or hold them up on the monkey bars (I'm sorry but really, I'm like 8mths pregnant why am I helping your kid while you are sitting on the bench smoking and talking on your cell phone?)

*Their kid is wondering around a restaurant (or where ever people are sitting and eating) coming up to your table, touching people's food, and generally being an annoyance while putting you in the awkward position of not knowing what the hell to say.

This is actually what reminded me of this rant (but I was sidetracked with my FIL coming into town and the star giveaway) this happened to the boys and I at the beginning of the month. We were having a snack at S@m's club, and some kid wondered back and forth to other people's tables and then actually sat down at our table.

I was perturbed for a few reasons. A. my kids were sitting SO nicely, I mean really, no one was poking anyone, fighting over who got what, it was seriously a fantastic little moment in time for us. and B. while I personally think that the child was old enough to get the concept of sit in your seat and leave other people alone, especially with reminders, what bothered me more was that the mom sat there watching it and did nothing.

Ummm... your kid wondered up to three different tables, bothered three sets of people and your just sitting there watching and smiling? Do you think we should all count are blessings that we got to spend a moment in time with your darling? Cause that was lost on me. All I know was that she was bothering me.

Clearly, clearly, this woman did not get the memo that the world does not find her kid adorable, or care to eat with her, just because she does.

I will admit, there are times that my darling children have ants in their pants and cant sit still, but should they ever wonder up to someones table they would be.... cripes, I don't know what I would even do, but you can beat your arse it wouldn't be pretty.

And I wouldn't be smiling.

So there, there you have it, my PSA. Not everyone finds your kids as cute as you do. Even my kids and we all know they are super duper adorable.
Harsh I know but I betcha deep down inside, y'all agree with me. You might even have an incident to add to the list, if you do please add, I hate to think I've left one out.

oooh and stay tuned... a cute giveaway is coming up in the next day or two! I've been putting my mother to work in her sweatshop while I've been down here! Don't worry I haven't chained her to her sewing machine and I'm giving her regular breaks to pee, however there are talks of unionizing that are worry some.


  1. hahah, I was discussing this with my husband's cousin. She has two little ones and a newborn. She was saying that just because she has her own kids doesn't mean she likes other kids. In fact, she doesn't really like other peoples kids. Made me laugh hysterically as I totally relate and I don't even have kids yet. :)

  2. Thanks so much for posting this!! I feel the EXACT same way!!

  3. So kinda related story:

    I was at a bar with my dad and aunt (because we're a super awesome family), watching a band play. I shit you not, I look over to the table next to us and a woman just flops a teet out and starts breastfeeding. In a bar. In front of a band. Front of the stage. There was nipple. Uncovered.

    Just because I have ta-ta's that doesn't mean I'm OK with seeing her's over my wine and Tzatziki.

    Then to top it off, she takes her child to an empty table and changes him. On a table. That people eat on. In front of a bar full of people at the front of the stage.

    WTF, mate?

  4. OMG sara why did she have a baby at a bar in the first place. Totally wrong.

    I took the girls to the playground after dinner and met my friends there. So as i get there they are getting ready to leave bc someone crapped on the slide then another girl went down the slide and had the poop on her. They told the mother and she ignored it. So now this litle girl is all over the place with poop on her pants plus another little kid with poop in her pants. So we left right away and probably wont go back for a long time which stinks bc it was our playground of choice but relly how do you clean all the poop up.

    Luckly i havent gotten a kid putting his hands in my cart or sitting with me at lunch. You just attract the crazies

  5. Okay, I have two obnoxious kid stories to share.

    When I worked at a bookstore, I had an incident where a girl had a temper tantrum because her mom was only buying her a book and not the toy that went with the book... which isn't a big deal but the girl FLUNG herself on the ground and screaming and kicking... after calling her mom an "a$$hole." And she was at least six but I'd guess closer to ten. Yeah. And the mom went back and BOUGHT THE TOY.

    And at ANOTHER place I worked, one of the girls I works with was really endowed in the boob department (she actually got a breast reduction). And this little girl came up to her and started grabbing her breasts and going "I'm hungry, I'm hungry." She didn't mean it as an ugly thing -she was clearly still being breast fed- that's just not right behavor.

    Anyway, thought I'd share.

    That wrap website is And I still love my wrap. Cheapest price I've seen them is on ebay at 39.95 but totally worth it.

  6. I love reading your blog and your stories!!!

  7. Oh yes. Thank you for covering this.

    Last summer I worked at a winery and a family came in and thought it'd be okay to slip their 5 year old sips of the wine- I saw it and told them they had to stop- and they were like but we let her at home and I had to tell them what you do in your home is your business but here I can get fined and you can get into a lot of trouble. A few minutes later I started to turn around and they tried again but I turned back and caught them so they stopped. Seriously who lets their 5 year old taste wine? They really thought it was fine.

  8. Amen. Doctor waiting rooms are also another place that other people's children bug the crap out of me. I understand that your child is having to wait, but so is mine and mine sure as heck isn't running around tipping things over and talking to people trying to read magazines.

    P.S. I've been following your blog for a while, just never commented because I didn't want to seem like an uber cyber-stalker. But I really am friends with Sunrise on the Water. Pinky promise. :)

  9. I love your blogs!

    I had a 5 year old at the beach come up and sit on my towel with me. I didn't know what to say or do. I got off my towel and the little girl followed me. Her mother didn't say a word to her she was to busy on her cell phone. I only lasted 3 hours at the beach that day.

    I also hate when people let their children run around wal-mart like crazy animals. Keep your children by your side at all times!

  10. I was giving a ride to a lady and her 3 year old and newborn a couple weeks ago. The baby was screaming, but I understand babies cry. Fine. Well, the 3 year old would NOT sit in his seat with the seatbelt on. We had to pull over so his mom could get out and try to get it back on him. A few minutes later he is walking around my van and is right between me and his mom!! He would not listen to his mom at all but finally sat down when I told him I would go to jail if the cops saw him out of his seat. At least their father apologized to my husband shortly after the incident.

  11. You KNOW I agree with you on this! It is especially upsets me when I see my students running around like a maniac. If I can control them, why can't their parents? Annoying! One of my students was actually banned from visiting the school the year before I had him because he was so bad. For me- a perfect angel. One conduct mark all year.

    Relating to Allison's boob story...
    I was in the Target dressing room once and we hear this little voice say, "Mommy, can I nurse?" Small giggles can be heard everywhere. The Mom replies that there is nt enough time. The kid continues trying to get her way by saying, "Please! Just one nipple!" I swear you have never heard so many people laughing so hard. I couldn't even hold it in. The Mom zoomed out of there speedy quick.

  12. LOL first off all your mother's "sweat shop" made me dye laughing. Second of all I have one to add to your list that happened to me today. In church while we are all praying the woman in front of me isnt down on her knees so her child is grabbing my hands and pulling my fingers ahhhh not cute at that moment and she did NOTHING to stop it.

  13. Yay! Nice post, & thanks for letting me know I am not the only one who finds this behavior annoying - thought I was the one with the problem for not liking all kids (and their parents!)

  14. Last week in church there was a mom with her two kids sitting behind us. She kept raising her voice at them to tell them to be quiet. Seriously, lady?? She was more annoying than her kids.

    And, just because I have a child doesn't mean I want yours in my face.

  15. OH my gosh, I agree 100%! Wow, you said everything that I wanted to say!

  16. Back when I was working I worked as an assistant manager at Chuck E Cheese....don't get me started on horror stories

  17. Oh I couldn't agree more! And I have a super adorable kid. :-) Now that I am a parent, I totally understand that you cannot 100% control what your kids do in public. But that is why you have to reprimand or tell them what the right thing to do is.

    Sure my (almost) 2 year old says hi to everyone she sees. But if she was to go up to them, or try to sit at their table at lunch??? Oh my goodness. What the heck is wrong with that mother?

    But, maybe that's just me. I would never let my daughter run around while we were eating out. Even if it was at S@am's Club. Seriously.

  18. Last night this couples daughter was SCREAMING the minute they walked in the door till they left AFTER DESERT 1 1/2 hours later. I should get some of this on video. It was SO BAD the little girl 2 tables over was talking about how bad the little girl was!

  19. I have to admit that I don't much like other people's children most of the time. (Of course there are exceptions.) Heck, sometimes, even though I love them I don't much like my own!

  20. Wow! I read everyone's comments before mine, I'm glad to know others find this behavior wrong, whether they have kids or not. I have a friend that let's her kid get that way sometimes when were out together, it annoys me, sometimes she'll stop him before he gets too bad, and sometimes she doesn't. When we hang out w/o her kid, she'll "act out" as well, sometimes worse than her kid does, so it's not just the kids, their parents can be that way as well.

  21. Here, let me add another thing to that list of rants: How about when kids come up to you at an amusement park, or Upchuck Cheezy (you KNOW what I mean) and ask you for tokens...or money...or a slice of your pizza, or your fries? I mean REALLY? I had to tell one kid THREE times (at the above mentioned HE11) that I was NOT going to give him tokens...and then he tried to bully my kids into giving him tokens. I went "mommy" on him and gave him whatfor...and of course, HIS mom came at me about yelling at her kid.

    THOSE are the parents I REALLY dislike. Who aren't supervising their kids, but when you are trying to protect YOUR kids, they show up and start in on you about disciplining their kids.

    Of course, these are the same parents that don't bother to a: teach their kids the rules and manners needed to survive in life, and b: follow the rules and use manners themselves.

    I'd have told that kid, in THESE words no less, to "beat it,'re not cute, and you're not part of my family, so go away". Because I'm sure, that by dinner time, I'd have had enough of the day to get "mommy" on him.

  22. oh...and I TIA with Lola (first commenter) and her cousin. Just because I have kids doesn't mean I like other peoples' kids!


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