Friday, July 10, 2009

An icky thing happened on the way to panera's

I was granted a reprieve from house arrest taking it easy today to go to lunch with my parents. My mother was out running errands with the boys so my father and I went up in his car to meet up with them.

As we were walking up to the door, two older gentleman beat us to the punch and held the door for me, very nice, good to see some people still remember their manners. I went in the door and the two men and my father kinda did the old shuffle stand off of who goes in next, my father told them to go on ahead he would get the door but the icky part....

One of the men told my father, "No no you go one, you get a beautiful lady like that you need to stay with her."

Oh sweet jesus they thought my father was not my father but my.....

I'm not even going to finish that thought. Ugh I can feel my chicken sandwich coming back up in my throat.

And trust me folks, neither my father and I misread that statement. I blame his baby face. And they were creepy older men.

Wow, I'm having a banner week, I have some nasty head cold, toss in some painful contractions a uti, and now someone thought my father and I were a couple.

I need a shower.

A very long one.


  1. Agh! I would have been horrified, too!

  2. ew! (oh... to add to the ickiness, it probably wasn't manners that had them let you go in first, they probably wanted a good view of your booty!)

  3. yeah, sorry to start invading your blog. i'm not even sure how i came across it, but you are one funny lady!

  4. UGH! I hate that. That happens to me and my Dad all the freaking time, it grosses us both out.

    At least you got some yummy panera though!

  5. haha...yikes! That sort of reminds me of the movie "Must Love Dogs" where the woman and her father chat it up online from a dating website and then meet to find out they were matched with each other. Ick!

  6. Oh man I've had that happen before. Even worse, family made the mistake. Granted, we have a large family and it was a member of the family I see once every year or 2 years. My dad had either just married or was getting ready to marry a lady who was younger than him (by 10 or so years). The family had heard about the younger woman but never met her. I went with my dad to a great aunt's funeral and ran into this family member who came up to my dad and said, so this is the new wife... and then proceeded to introduce herself to me. My dad still makes the joke that I'm his wife from time to time.... every time I want to hurl. Blech!

  7. OMG how horrible. but funny really funny.

    Speaking of Panera we had a change of plans and arent going ot that wedding on the 31st but the girls and i are going to lake compounce that day so i thought maybe we could hit panera thursday night if flyboy is back or you can get a sitter.

  8. Just when you think it can't get any worse....

    Just now am catching up on your last 10+ entries. I'm totally bummed I missed both giveaways! They sounded awesome.

  9. i have a half-sister 18 years younger than me, and when i came home from college my dad and i would go out and sometimes take Ashley people thought all the time that it was "our love child"! It got to the point that i just said, "eeeewwww gross that's my dad and my little sister! You are sick, maybe you should stop watching trash TV, b/c it's not real life! Get a grip!" Granted that was in the late 80's/early 90's but still. It was gross! My dad thought it was hysterical, me yeah not so much.


    On another note, I hope you feel better!

  11. ugh. My dad has been a bachelor since I was in the 5th grade (other than a brief 3 year stint when I was in college). And he has a tendancy to shall I put this...."youthful" women.

    I can totally see this happening to my sister or I. But we would then give our Dad the death look and tell him to stop chasing after girls our age.

  12. My former manager at work and I used to go our for "mentoring / bitch session" dinners, and inevitably our waiters would give him little winks, like "way to go for scoring that young chick!" We were *both* mortified, because we have more of a father-daughter type of relationship, plus he is the most conservative catholic ever. Why do people always have such creepy thoughts?!

  13. HI!
    I'm a new follower, and love your blog! Mr. Top Gun flies for Uncle Sam too, but on the Air Force side. This is too funny, because everytime I am out with my Dad, someone assumes I am his second young wife! Seriously, the ret. Colonel who acts like a big kid??? One time we were shopping for my mom and the cashier asked me if my husband was going to be putting the cute little garden ant in OUR garden!!!

    Yuck. Wow. Ew.

  14. Oh my gosh, lol, I'm only laughing because it wasn't me.

  15. i was expecting this post to have vomit in it, but that's still creepy.


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